Ranked Struggle – World of Warships

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So I’m in gold league in ranked and it’s not exactly great there.

You’d think that top league would be elite place, but it’s actually far from it.

Anyway I’m grinding my way to rank 1 so here are few good games for you to watch 😉

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  1. Is it me or are the marches 1 sides lately either a massive win or massive defeat

  2. all the bobs die there way up … I just stay bronze and get the steel in the absolut minimum of games without headache. did that gold shit in the test season and its aweful.

  3. How do you constantly use Free Look and never get flipped around?

  4. Yeah. Decided to just stay at bronze and take the steel. After some bad games and CVs used the Alaska with rpf for dd hunting and an AA build. Much easier with a 60% win rate. Highest plane count was 87 before he gave up which helped the rest of the team while he kept coming for me.

  5. I’ve always viewed people who take pvp seriously and care as masochists.
    In every game it’s always the same.

  6. Most games ends in less than 3-4 min now…. anything after is just chasing kills

  7. Yama got loli cheeked.

  8. I felt the same about fighting to Silver.

  9. Lifes to short trying to rank out

  10. Opposing Yamato: “Yamede Bourgogne-san! Itaï, itaï !”

  11. SkyRaider Eclipse

    Which ship has better aa bourgogne or republic just curious

  12. ” Struggle ” I don’t think you know what that word means Flambass .

  13. I like how he starts wiping people out and someone then recognizes that it’s Flambass. KEKW

  14. Jean-Philippe Morin

    Nice battle, it turned out well against the yammmy at the end! A bit of luck sometime is always good!

  15. If you listen carefully you can hear a dd crying because his teammate failed him 🙂 poor Kleb

  16. that 22s rudder shift of yamato was what ultimately got him killed there really. plus that potato RNG salvo.

  17. Would you please tell me again where to down load that cheat for bow thrusters?

  18. I hope Bourgogne comes to console version soon, looks like a very very sexy ship, all we got is Gascogne and Richelieu also ofc the earlier tech tree ships

  19. that you drove behind that island and were not able to help the kleber that rushed to your help was 100% pepega

  20. Best way to deal with ranked – Not to play it! Sanity preserved 🙂

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