Ranking All Black Friday Ships – 2022 Edition

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0:00 Intro
1:02 Alaska
4:32 Asashio
8:20 Atago
12:14 Atlanta
16:30 Chkalov
19:49 Cossack
23:36 Dunkerque
25:23 Graf Zeppelin
27:39 Jean Bart
31:44 Kaga
34:54 Kearsarge
37:14 Loyang
40:14 Mainz
42:48 Massachusetts
46:12 Napoli
48:32 Pommern
51:07 Saipan
52:36 Scharnhorst
55:06 Shinonome
57:18 Sims
59:01 Tirpitz
1:00:31 Yoshino
1:02:36 Final Tier Lists

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Asashio is a different style from most ships – even from Shima – and the unique style makes it fun for people who enjoy changing it up. Also, ‘black’ camo seems to make a lot of sense for the ninja-style battleship killer, But it’s probably C tier. Atlanta…. I agree, fun, but its sooooo overmatched when uptiered, and it’s BIG STICK AA was tossed in the weegee wood chipper long ago. It’s D.

  2. Let me know which of these ships you would like to see more of. This week I want to do “one take” style videos on the Black Friday ships you want to see most!

  3. I got Kearsadge, Chkalov, and Tirpitz from crates from missions and the sequential bundles. Probably going to plunk down the money for Napoli if i don’t get her out of the crates i’m getting with the gold from the missions because goddamnit i want napoli with that camo on it, it’s such a good camo.

  4. I used my f2p doubloons to get the 1 premium container from sequential bundles and used the rest to get 2 separate premium containers. I of course got 1 of just four ships that I didn’t want to get, I’ll leave it to your imagination what those four ships are.

  5. the only ship I would want is the Napoli B. It would be a long time for me to get the coal version of the Napoli. however I dont mind whaling out the dubs for the Napoli. I like fire starting cruisers or cruisers with HE/AP setup. Probably the reason why I dont play Venezia because I get that inconsistent damage with SAP. However a Napoli with Sansoneti would be nice.

  6. This was a fun video. One more thing I really like about Massa is her insane torpedo protection. She can really take a punch. One thing that T8 ships and below really handicaps these days is the virtual certainty you will be playing against subs, which is a bit less likely at T9 and up.

    • Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

      On the other hand you can take them for a spin in Ops, unlike T9 ships. Massachusetts in particular is downright savage in Ops.

  7. I picked up Mass B this year….I’d been hoping to get her in containers in the past, but I couldn’t keep waiting. So far, I love it.

  8. Wherever I picked up a BF container… I still don’t know where it came from because when I selected “open all” I heard that beautiful noise telling me I have a new ship… and bloody hell it was the Mass ❤ Best ship I’ve ever won in the game and I’ve been playing since beta lol

  9. I have a 65% win rate in my Jean Bart, so it was a good ship. When it was released. It was removed for reasons that made sense at the time, in WG’s thinking anyway. You couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Jean Bart for a time. Now it is kind of sad and I have not played it in about 4 months. It sits next to my Atlanta and collects dust now.

  10. Branislav Markovich

    Nice work PQ, like your content very much.I think that you have taken Tier list making to the next level.Personally, I enjoy Napoli the most but my soul cries for Massachusetts….unfortunately my budget is tight right now.Keep up a good work man 👍.

  11. I bought 5 BF premium containers, and from one of those I got the Saipan B.. not really cv players (played less than 400 matches with cv), but I’ve tried one match with it, and it was a quite ok imo.

  12. The Atlanta is a “D”! I play it almost exclusively and in todays game, I struggle to get to cover from my spawn point without getting deleated. I like the Two Brothers map because I seldome get before I get behind a island. CV’s STILL come after me and can sink me no matter what I do with my AA.

  13. Dunky is my fav ship in the whole game. It’s a flanking battlecruiser at higher tiers and at lower tiers I absolutely love getting a DD or CA behind me being pummeled by full secondaries as I charge towards anything else. Things have gotten a lot harder in current times with subs as it totally removes the bow tanking sticking all your guns out from behind an island strategy but still a lot of fun for me.

  14. Asashio has “decent concealment”? WTF? It’s elite concealment! It’s among the least detectable ships in the game. That also makes it very potent in the end game. I agree on its other weaknesses, and it takes some skill/practice to play it well, but it definitely can deliver battle impact.

  15. Another difference between Bismarck and Tirpitz is that Tirpitz’s front two secondaries can fire forward, as they can fire over the front one. The Bismarck cant fire both of the front two secondaries forward, the second in line cant fire over the first. Minor point, but i noticed it back when German BBs came out.

  16. Had all the ships as regulars except for Chakalov, got “group-forced” by my fellow clan mates to buy a set of 5 crates for the lulz and got lucky. Managed to pull Chak and got Napoli B, which was the real steal because it allows me to run two different specced versions. But as I said luck, so I would agree that buying her directly for dubs isn’t a wise choice and gambling on dropping the ship you want isn’t clever either. I could have gotten totally screwed and get no ship out of the 5 crates given the drop chances. So keep that in mind. In my case it was a calculated risk, because I owned nearly all ships and thus getting the cash back mission did lower risks of overspending. On the other hand I pretty much know right now that I wont buy santa crates…

  17. I bought Massachusetts last year and I have absolutely no regrets over my purchase.

    I had thought at one point that I wanted Jean Bart but her higher price point coupled with the fact that I already own Bourgogne really has me rethinking that.

    I bought the regular Atlanta last year with a 25% coupon and my only regret is that I didn’t wait until I could get her for 30% off. She can be a real game changer in Ranked this year and she is also a great ship for Brawls, Ops or Co Op. Not so much fun on a more crowded random map but I almost always play ranked, clan or brawls these days.

    Scharnhorst is on my short list this year. I’ve played her as a short term rental a few different times and always enjoy the experience. She’s the ultimate cruiser hunter of her tier IMO.

    Atago is also on my short list, a solid boat at a good price point.

    Lack of heal sinks Mainz for me. Hipper hulls fare poorly without a heal IMO.

    Sims is so dang cheap she is worth a look IMO.

    Got Chaklov in a free BF container a couple of days ago. Would be an awesome pick up if I played CV literally EVER. Oh well, free is still free.

    Spending real world dollars on ANY ship that can be had for coal is dumber than dirt IMO. So just so no to the likes of Yoshino, Pommern, Kearsarge, Napoli and other coal premium ships.

    Alaska is still one of the best large cruisers and IMO she or Massachusetts should be the ONE ship you should buy if you don’t already have her.

  18. Since you enjoy playing French Battleships the most, clearly we need a Jean Bart one take. Thank me later.

  19. Operational Tactics

    4:32 Asashio is One of the strongest ships in this meta. It has best in class concealment and you outspot (or equal) all tier X and XI destroyers and if you struggle to have battle impact then I have to say that you are playing it wrong. Spot the DDs and sink the BBs and CVs. It’s super fun…

  20. Thanks for this! Great work! Would love to see a one take videos on the Napoli, Atago, Mainz or Cossack. By the way Cossack has very fast torp reload making up for small numbers somewhat.

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