Ranking the Commanders, from Best to Worst to Buy World of Warships Legends 4K

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The Azur Lane Collaboration is back and in force with every commander, ship, and camo to date coming back. Today’s video will focus on helping players get the most value for their money when choosing which of these commanders they should buy, in my opinion.
-Derka NA CC

0:00 – Intro
0:27 – New Jersey
0:24 – Baltimore
1:16 – Montpelier
1:51 – Scharnhorst
2:47 – Hipper
3:40 – Graf Spee
4:14 – Roon
4:49 – Belfast
5:31 – Neptune
6:10 – Hood
6:46 – Nelson
7:20 – Queen Elizabth
7:49 – Saint Louis
8:41 – Dunkerque
9:17 – Littorio
9:30 – Azuma
10:23 – Fuso
11:03 – Shokaku
11:38 – Yukikaze
12:21 – Chapayev
13:12 – Avrora

B roll footage from World of Warships Legends Official Channel.



New to the game? Use the code below for a jumpstart and a free Tier 2 premium ship:


#derkagames #WOWSL #WOWSLegends

New to the game? Use the code below for a jumpstart and a free Tier 2 premium ship:



#derkagames #WOWSL #WOWSLegends


  1. This ranking is of course just my opinion! Doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong, everyone has their favorite commanders and builds that work for their playstyle 😀

    • False! This is 100% fact, and anyone who disagrees should be thrown in the stockade! So let it be written, so let it be done

    • @USS END3VOR 😄😂 im sure I’ll get flamed for some of my choices, maybe ill learn a thing or two =)

  2. Good review. Baltimore is a great inspiration commander, well worth the resources. Chapayev is one of the worst investments I’ve made in the game. Will probably get Dunkurque this round, I’m really disappointed that Atago didn’t come back as I would have got her for sure.

  3. AL Azuma is actually really good on Furutaka as well. And we are forgetting the true SS tier commander, AL Atago.

  4. I agree with most of the list but Neptune is just better for all uk cl commander than belfast. AL Belfast is only better for the belfasts and a must have inspiration for smokescreen cruisers. Graf spee is also better than hipper after tier 7 since hipper dosn’t get fully packed. Al QE and chapayev are just downgrades compared to the historical commanders. Baltimore is in my opinion just an alternative to scot with a special skill and better base trait and monpelier is for farming bb tears if you put vian on as an inspiration. Scharnhorst is a better cilliax for german bb but is worse for the battlecruisers. Hood is just as good as nelson she is made for AP focused ships like warspite vanguard the tier 3-5 tech tree uk bb and all tier 6 premium bb apart from nelson.

  5. One’s playstyle affects heavily on this ranking. And certain ships. For example, AL Chapayev + AL Chapayev is the most toxic combo. Low fire chance is a non-issue when you pen almost every shot with your HE and do heavy damage.

  6. I agree with you on pretty much all of these, AL Scharnhorst might be A tier just for the base trait but since there is Lachino now and Cilliax has been buffed so i get the C tier, i would add that St Louis is a fun BB commander on Bourgogne with the 4 MBRBs, not so much on JB with the accuracy…

    Littorio is still the biggest let down imo, i really like her design and voice but the skill tree is absolutly awfull and her personal perks aren’t worth anything

    I would also add that any commander with a childish body goes right into F tier i absolutly despise the commenders, Avrora, QE or Neptune to name a few 🤮

  7. I agree with pretty much everything, except one or two things, but like you said, personal choices and apreciation.
    By the way if you see Demos videos you will see AL Shokaku is kinda Godtier for the IJN carriers.

  8. So thankful I got the queen of ARA ARA she is absolutely silly on magami and tago

  9. Thanks Derka. Appreciate this. Einstein in the store though might just be the commander for me (I know, not AL).
    However Dunkerque, that shell switch would be awesome. I always have the wrong shells in 😂
    3 D

  10. I play Shokaku a lot. Her special skill is not worth it with standard mediocre planes hp. Easier to escape thanks to her base trait.

  11. Al Baltimore has a special place in my heart. That rudder shift was once a staple on my agile builds. And I would argue that she still is

    • Me too man, I still use her as inspiration quite a bit. But now with Iona, Roon, etc she’s less special I guess. And I have a hard time recommending to buy her when Norm will work for most casual players

    • @Derka Games I like to pair AL Roon with Clara N Teslau. Essentially the same perk with the battery traverse and rudder shift if memory serves me correct.

  12. Thank you for this video, I only have enough doubloons for 1 commander and this really helped 💪

  13. The only one I am certain on getting is dunkerque. Maybe I’ll change my mind on another couple, but for now just dunkerque

  14. Great review as always, Derka! 👍👍 Excellent overview of all AL commanders so far. I would agree on most of them (with just a few exceptions). Maybe I should try AL Hipper on my German cruisers… 🤔 Nevertheless I (personally) think that Augustin Riegerwald is the best premium commander of all! 😎🫶

  15. RIP AL Littorio, she went from a top tier commander to a D when Lachino dropped.

    • Yeah I hate how all that played out….they released a paid accuracy commander…..then finally a free one that was better 🤔

  16. Ultimately I think it depends on what works with your still of play. Of the AL commanders I have I’ve found none match my play style.

  17. Graff spee base trait increases the green heath size. While the base Japanese commander increases the total health

  18. Roon is an amazing inspiration on Russian CLs. Other than that the only ship I use her on is Agir, and for that she is great.

  19. Great video Derka. The thing with AL is that the refined free commanders many times can be equal or better. I bought some German AL only to use the free Mueller and Lutjens. Only Nelson and Dunkerque are useful now for me.

  20. I still run Littorio as my main for Italian battleships as a hybrid accuracy/survivability build and it works quite well. Roma is by far my most played ship and with 4 heals and roughly a 50 sec damage control party the Dreadnought medal is quite common with her. And the accuracy is good enough that most salvos are probably equal to a stock Iowa

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