Rare Premium ships in Santa Containers | World of Warships

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What’s inside of Santa Claus containers? How to get your free gift. We will keep it nice and short!
NA: https://worldofwarships.com/news/sales-and-events/time-of-gifts/
EU: https://worldofwarships.eu/news/sales-and-events/time-of-gifts/
SEA: https://worldofwarships.asia/news/sales-and-events/time-of-gifts/

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel
  2. So flags and camouflages

  3. can’t lie feel like you guys kinda screwed us kinda feels like i gotta drop money or spend endless amount of time grinding this stuff out wtf wargaming this lis like some Scrooge type stuff here and it’s pretty shady

  4. So a gift is given to you…

    And we buy these, so they are not gifts.

    And with a gambling mechanic I think they are crap.

  5. “The more you pay us, the bigger the containers thus you get a chance to get more flags from it instead of ships”

    There, I translated it to you.

    • @Ondrej Sindler Yea, that might be the case and I have never heard of someone getting a ship through free containers.

    • Free containers have no chances of dropping a ship. They are baits for buying the better/bigger containers which do have (a very small though) chance of dropping a ship.

    • @Lee Hong Jin I know for a fact that the CV rework containers (free ones) could drop a ship as i actually found one, but the chances were dog poop unlike the $$ containers.

    • @Plague Doctor Right? It’s shameful! And it’s not just WG – I had to pay for all the gifts I bought for people (and myself) this xmas!

    • @Honor MacDonald better buy gifts for your loved ones than buying stupid containers from these greedy snakes only to get flags or camo from it.

  6. Won’t spend a penny unless you disclose exact odds of getting every reward.

  7. Geez so many ships we have no real chance to get.
    Like Missouri with for sure have drop of 0.01% XD
    Edit: After seeing what WG has prepared.
    Looks I won’t play WoWs quite soon. I think this is time to stop playing WOWS entirely , and for sure I WONT pay for anything anymore.
    It got to WoT levels of “GRIND GRIND UNTIL YOU DROP”
    All missions should be 1/10 of this grind. 20 202 020 millions for 1 SUBstage of 1 Directive ?
    Even if you are not supposed to get all, you NEED 5 to unlock next one. this IS a freaking joke.

    • It’s not that even % tbf

    • 0.01%? Try 0.0001%.

    • 200+ mega creates opened by my clan and myself included not a single premium ship mention above. The JB, Georgia, mush, Alaska, Missouri. Take a look a the documented rewards received on Reddit. 0.0001% is about on point. Further more they pulled the dockyard video for the Puerto Rico, due to the truth and dislikes from the community. Head over to Reddit for more details, it’s a shit show, merryfuckyouchristmas from WG.

  8. I just want an actual discount on premium time like we used to get for the holidays. Half off was the best
    Now we are lucky if we get 10% off its horrible.

  9. “We bait you with banned op-ships and screw you with Monaghan&Co”

  10. For this christmas wish, can you guys stream the Dockyard mission grind until it’s done please? Thanks!

  11. Santa’s gift = standard-priced crap,
    Santa’s big gift = overpriced crap,
    Santa’s mega gift = outrageously overpriced crap.
    I would rather eat my own wallet than trying my luck on these casino loot boxes.

    • or sell any of your family members at the casino?

    • @popefang How about selling WG’s staff to see if they’re worth any money?

    • @Marc Tréville I see where you are going with this thought. They are clever, they are not honest. +/-

    • @popefang Being clever is one thing. WG has already had the reputation of luring us into money-grabing schemes like PEF but unlike PR this was still feasible. But THIS, this is Ebeneezer Scrooge’s hardcore level. It’s like showing a kid a nice shinny lollipop but then the guy puts it on top of a 20 feet high tree covered with barbed wires, venomous snakes and electric wires. They’ve really shown the full potential of their greed this time at WG studio.

    • @Marc Tréville I really dont see the point of this kind of grind. Its been commented on alot, and I totally get it. Im not a dedicated player. 3 hours max per day because any more isnt healthy, theres other stuff to do. -sigh- Yeah you’re right, this is shameless moneygrabbing in the cloak of a ‘free ship’ Im lost to WG now

  12. Good part of EU and literally even China: you have to release the drop rates so our players fully understand what they purchase

    Belorussian company: *_It’s a surprise_*

  13. WG, you failed miserably, once again. An insane grind followed by RNG loot boxes and wrapped in a dirty present paper? Nah, thanks. You can stick all that where the sun doesn’t shine.

  14. Greetings, why you deleted the latest video, you greedy schmucks?

  15. Halil İbrahim Höbek

    Did you just remove other video about dockyard and Puerto Rico? Really? After all those dislikes we were just getting started.

  16. they deleted the last video, lets use this one as a dislike button from the last one

  17. Was searching the video about Puerto Rico dockyard…gone.
    Time to unlike this video too, gang!

    Edit: If you have no idea what I am talking about, go in game and look at the directives thoroughly, especially directives 2 onward. “You can simply get it free”. @#$%&^*

  18. Where is your Puerto Rico video? I wanted to downvote it.

  19. Don’t give Wargaming any money for this, they’re a terrible company that ruined christmas.

  20. Hey Wargamming, do a live stream of one of your employees playing out the directives for the Puerto Rico. We will be nice, you can swap out who plays as long as you keep the live stream going and games playing. You should have the Puerto Rico by April fools day if they have the average players skillset.

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