Rate My World of Warships Battle #1 – Stomping Shima

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Trying something a little new 🙂 if all goes well, will do my future replay features following this format 😀 Anyways, enjoy Echelon2k in his Shima stomping the enemy team.

Want me to Rate Your Replay?


  1. No comments yet? Notification squad where you at?

  2. YES! Show us some lower tier battles, please

  3. I feel like I’ve got some epic replays worth sending in

  4. looks like a fun new system!

  5. iChase, get back the “nautical tales” vids. Many love those type vids…

  6. I enjoy this new format!

  7. dat predictions without targeting, pretty good. he must have played a shit ton of shima

  8. very interesting idea iChase

  9. I think it’s suposed to be icecream, not turds.

  10. 3 turds out of five, lol. Love the new way u r doing this

  11. Stars. Ew. Use Penguins. 3 Penguins would look better then 3 stars. Just a tip.

  12. @iChaseGaming
    Warships Forensics would have been so much better as title
    and if you plan to do this regulary, your rating scale will be very too small (thing about /10 instead of /5 will make your life easier over time)

  13. Seems ridiculous to rate such an excellent game. Chase, your commentary is your strength. Thanks for a great battle. 🙂

  14. something in current year

    You’ll get a solid 3 stars for this new format.

  15. Tier 6 is mid tier not low tier.

  16. Which Aslain’s mods do you use?

  17. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    I rate this battle 6/10 because he is the Wall of Skill builder

  18. You really need to do some lower tier replays as not all of us are at tier 8, 9 and 10 in all nations. They would be great to watch.

  19. Great idea — perhaps you could do a short video about the qualitative and quantitative criteria for the grading system so that we could more intelligently comment on your analysis and not come off as fan-boys or trolls — thanks


  20. Pretty good format I’d say, but perhaps change the out of 5 to out of 10? will give some more flexibility without opting for half stars

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