Realistic BATTLESHIPS in World of Warships

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During registration, Use the code FIRE to get for free:
-200 doubloons
-1 million credits
-Premium Battleship Tier 5 – USS Texas
-20x Restless Fire Camouflage
-7 Days Premium Account
The promo code is only for new players during the registration.

@Captain Blast’Em!


  1. Too easy also nice edits man you have gotten so much better

  2. Day 93 of asking jerome to play mount marty with weapons enabled.+ get back with the old intros

  3. Jerome is the best at games!

  4. Hey love ur content, this vid is great.

  5. Jerome” I am the captian now”

  6. on the carrier i was able to do 67000 damage in one game it’s over powered because you can hit once and do like a bunch of damage.

  7. #TeamSeas you can donate to save the planet, 1$ equals 1 pound of trash that gets removed.

  8. Jerome we want your old intro back

  9. Good luck getting to tier X this game is great.

  10. Love the new intros!!!! Amazing vids too

  11. Love to see the branching out into world of warships every few months or so!

  12. Damn Jerome really do be carrying the buddies on his back

  13. Jerry play more of this

  14. Ur dropping to early get closer to the enemy in torps so that dont have much spread

  15. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    when in a cruiser you usually want to aim for the superstructure when firing HE or AP Depending on the country. The reason why you got of shattered shells is because you aimed at the Armour belt

  16. I havent played this in a while

  17. At first, it’s really complicated to analyze and remember the mechanics, but you’ll get used to it as you go to tier X or as you adapt from the strategy you learned from it. I’ve been playing for 3 years in the German BB line (BB is battleships) and Japanese DD line (DD is destroyers).

    PS: Subs and CVS are annoying XD
    (CVs are aircraft carriers)

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