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I had a day recently where I had few of these kinda battles in a row. Bro just one of these is enough to blow your mind, but few in the same day….in a row…is madness.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Flambass does a top notch impersonation of an A-10….. 4:45

  2. you play carriers and subs you get dad jokes! you brought this on yourself mister! Why did the Pony ask for a glass of water? Because it was a little horse 🙂

  3. Sometimes its like that.
    I’ve had days where I couldnt get a single win.
    Heck I had WEEKS with just bad team rng. Loss after loss after loss…
    But that gets balanced out by opposite days and weeks where I just couldnt lose regardless of what I did.

  4. Ive been wondering often if they just stack bots into teams with human names to farm your economy back, you know, control inflation like the FED here in the states. I can crush an entire team, similar to how you did, and somehow when I look up the rest of the team is dead or on their way out. It will be this way for 6-10 games in a row, then it just flips and its the opposite, I have medicore games and there will be crushing victories. Its a scam. Its extremely frustrating and honestly Ive started just moving more towards war thunder, which will get better with time.

  5. You’re not the only one. I’ve had a game recently where I scored 281k dmg I think in a Colbert, did 4 kills (and 2 were just stolen from me), but it was still a loss. It was a loss from the start, everything I did was for nothing, I killed a cv, I pulled an 200 iq move and blindly killed a sub before he had a chance to even ping me. The end result was completely nuts, I got more than 2k base xp, It made me question what should I have done differently.

    • Yeah if something like this happen on low tier i still can tolerate it. But it often happen on high tier too. Like i have that kind of match with t10 and supership only. Almost 200k dmg and couple of caps and kills with san martin. Got 1.8k base losing to a sub with 2k base that do nothing but go hunting CV the whole game and still lose. Sometimes u wonder are ur team and enemy are human or not

    • HE spamers wondering why the game is dying 🙂

    • @Russell Gunton you can normally have a good guess at the problem players before the match starts. just the choice of ship is enought to give you an idea. its the most entertainment i get these days…….trying to guess the outcome, where people will go to hide, who will decide to cross the entire map issuing instructions and anything else that tickles my fancy at the time.

  6. he LOVES those jokes really 😂😂😂

  7. Same on NA, the player base is literally better off being bots. 4min matches because the team yolos and dies or 20min games where the team is ahead by 400pts then decides instead of LOOKING AT THE MAP, and seeing all they have to do is kite or hide and we win on pts and time regardless they choose to yolo and throw. Game is in a sad state from where it was just a few years ago. Can’t even blame it on the ships, because you look at who dies first and it’s almost exclusively wallet warriors. WG has chosen short term profits over the longevity of the game.

    • WG is prepared for that. No wonder they are testing the asymmetric battles. They would implement battle modes into them like Airship escort, arms race and domination. And even Convoy mode. Your server will be the first one to suffer really low player numbers, if you have less than 10k in the late afternoon/evening, EU is still around 17-20k. In the near future the game will still be ok, but 3 years from now? Idk.

    • I recently got back into the game and i find myself in a lot of battle where after 6 min of gameplay we are down 5-1 ships…

    • @Nicolas Fregolent sometimes the battle is over in that time. I’m not joking. The last month I had 3 battles that lasted 5-6 min

  8. I knew the punch line. It makes me laugh that it’s the start of the video; even though you dislike bad jokes… looking forward to yet another good video; or at least commentary, since it’s. It’s a CV game❤

  9. Things that have happened with my Abruzzi over just the last week.
    Sunk by being Citadelled 3 times through the bow by a DD firing HE.
    Hydro that can’t spot DDs in smoke at ranges greater than 1k and their torps only become visible at ranges less than 1k but they can see me from within the smoke.
    I have been focused and destroyed by a carrier in under 5 mins and have shot down zero aircraft.
    I have landed over 400 HE shells in one battle with zero fires set.
    Tripple Torp hits on a BB that did zero damage and a ram on a DD that did zero damage to the DD but sunk me.
    25 hits on an equal tier DD with a combination of HE and AP for a total of 250 HP and I’m pretty sure that was from the secondaries.
    There are reasons other than bad play that could explain why your teams melt so quickly with crappy scores.

  10. Flambino: to answer your question whether you’re playing with human beings or not… Flamu made it official long time ago that playing this game is animal research. Then again, human beings are also animals per se, so don’t really know what to tell you lol

  11. It’s getting like WoT, where players have multiple instances on the same computer, using different accounts, and clicking « battle » at the same time, trying to get all theirs own instances on the same game. Just to grind 1 specific account. Those peoples are ruining this already dying game.

  12. Yeah I had something recently in Lazo, I had more base xp on a loss than the enemy teams top scorer on a win…

  13. I been playing since almost the beginning and have always felt that WOW does this to balance the game out. It’s just a feeling I have from experience over the years. Once I get on and start playing and have 2 loses straight I hang it up and play another day because I know they put me in a pool to help new/bad players out to help the game out and keep it somewhat balanced. Have to look at the bright side, you get more kills and more points though…… just my point of view with this game.

    • I was gonna write the exact same thing. Often you can tell just by the rng of the first two salvos. There’s the MM balancing (the one you explained) and there’s the in-battle real-time balance.

  14. I love the way Flambass struggles reading a dad joke.. little does he knows that they are all ammunition when he is a Dad lol

  15. its either the Game “balance” itself or the perfect Player Base skill set ( pay to win ) or all of the above, cuz i stopped counting how many times i was the ONLY one who killed an enemy boat in my team with a loss of course and no iam not that good of a player myself ( with 52% WR )

  16. A friend and I had four failed operations in a row one night recently. We’re not the greatest players, definitely a couple of filthy casuals, but we’re not that bad.

  17. Guys I think he is starting to like the dad jokes.

  18. Ichsbe Stimmtnischt

    I take a guess and say that your win rate will become lower the longer your account stays F2P.

  19. How TF does that Cossack get more XP in this match than your ship with all your achievements and 7 kills?

  20. I genuinely do not understand how the Cossack got more points. Can someone explain please?

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