Rear Space Admiral Jingles explores the brand-new space mode with Crysantos and MrConway!

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  1. Under the name Bohemian Eagle. Oof. There’s a dose of nostalgia for ya.

  2. You have no power here old man

  3. just for the record I am kidding around

  4. Space salt miner reporting for duty!!

  5. The guys in red are friendly enough before the match, but once the battle starts, the cold, unfeeling machines show themselves for what they really are: merciless. Admiral Jingles has found his minions! XD

  6. Whoa!! It looks like the mighty Jingles has lost some displacement! In that uniform, his famed torpedo bulges are missing. Someone get the salt mines running again and feed him!

  7. Rear Space Admiral? Grand Moff Jingles sounds better.

  8. When are we getting the Tribal class destroyer?

  9. I’d like to see Jingles as a captain for the Tribal class destroyer.

  10. watching salt jingles

  11. Comment avoir le camouflage Normandie ?

  12. Hmm… German space battles… it kinda reminds me of the late ’60 german scifi show Orion. 😀

  13. A ship commanded by Jingles should have Boo wandering around the deck.

  14. Liking for jingles!!! Quality content to listen to on my commute. Never stop being you jingles.

  15. Were is lord dark helmet

  16. rwhite1025 My Minecraft

    Photon torps ?

  17. more like rear imperial admiral jingles

  18. who else thinks they are watching the three stooges with jingles as moe?

  19. hmmm… Captain jingles special ability? Magnetic attraction to islands (Jingles landing)?

  20. Nice uniform, Jingles! I knew you were an Imperial loyalist 🙂

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