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Sharing my thoughts and recommendations for the full release of RN DDs. Radio Location, IFHE, and much more explained for those looking to enjoy the new line. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X British Daring Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. notser good work you always doing giving us news and tips for wows 🙂 greetings from Finland o/ but hey notser what is your opnion for european tech tree what wg brings in future but question is that is finland navy in ww2 those coast gun ships ilmari or väinämöinen even change get to game?

  2. So 7.10 coming on the 19th is shaping up to be a bit of a monster patch , RN DD’s , Sprint Ranked seasons and the Jean Bart all at the same time , can we get a video on your thoughts of the best and worst Tier 5’s and what you expect the meta to be at a lot lower tier than we’re used to , thats if a meta is even going to exist

    • Rank is at t5 now? Well I can tell you that there will be a lot of the minekaze/ clones at least. I don’t really play t5 that much anymore but those dds will be top picks imo.

    • yea they are running 2 quick fire season that are going to be 12 days a piece 6v6 and then 8v8 , both Tier 5 , but the big change for me is that they are allowing Divisions of 2 in this time around , all feels a lot like a test for the main ranked seasons if you ask me , i can see CV’s being pretty popular at such low tiers so AA focused stuff might be a good way to go , but I’m definitely going to be rocking my Caesar at some point

    • Yeah but t4 and 5 can’t manually drop anymore (I think) so I’m not sure how effective they will be.

    • So far, jean bart isnt coming, its been put back on the testing grounds

  3. thank you notser for not having an intro thus saving dozens of seconds of my precious time

  4. I made same kind of build with fitting tool last night, but with Bert Dunkirk and Adrenaline Rush traded to Smoke Screen expert. That way it has more space (wiggle room) when you smoke and run. As it already has high rate of fire. The down side is that i don’t get faster torpedo reload at low HP. Could also make 2-1-1-3 build with regular captain to Add IFHE. taking down some dpm and wide smoke in exchange.

  5. No ifhe? For ur he cant even pen other dds?

  6. Thanks Notser. Will save it and watch it once i got a UK DD. Container RNG doesn’t like me..

  7. Greetings from Ireland Notser! Thanks alot for helping with this, i’ve just got my first kraken ever in the Jervis because of this.

  8. concealment, ifhe, nerd rage, basically my Belfast commander. great video as always

  9. goging on holiday next week and still dont hve the last 2 dd’s seems ive got the same rng as you but im not buying premium boxes to get them.

  10. Been thru all the crates I can get in the RN event and still no missions for an advance DD. Guess I’ll just have to park this episode.

  11. I really don’t like it that they lied to us. We thought that these are premium ships and we bought premium containers to acquire them. If you look at the tech tree, they look exactly as premiums. Later I found that the ships don’t even have premium camouflages.

    • Tony Burton, in case you didn’t notice, it was my comment that attracted the most trolls like you.

    • +Yavor dude your ability to stay in character is amazing. Few people can have the self awareness of a brick wall and yet you have nailed it. You have it down so well I bet your a bb main. Keep the trolling going.

    • Tony Burton, I’m both a BB and a DD man so you’re half right. On the other hand, I see that you keep replying because you liked what I said and you don’t want me to stop.

    • +Yavor sorry I guess I should have said BB and shima main.

    • Tony, I don’t play shima these days. I prefer to troll people with Asashio. This is the ship that truly makes people mad – especially tier 10 BB players. Their comments are priceless!

  12. I got Bert Dunkirk for my Icarus but invested in the turret traverse skill only. Everything else is standard DD fare. Last Stand, Adrenaline Rush, Priority Target. They play like a slightly easier to manage American DD so I’m going full gunboat with it.

  13. Yeah, the 113mm guns at tier 9 and 10 worry me. WG gave enhanced pen to the 100mm Akizuki line guns, but didn`t do anything with the 113mm HE, although they did enhanced the pen angles on the AP so that it plays like an RN CL, which is nice. I suspect most DDs will show enough side to challenge you as they want to get their DPM as high as possible, but saavy DD players will go bow on to you.

    I much prefer RL over IFHE when playing DDs (with the exception of Haida) and I think I might just grind to the Lightning and stop there.

  14. I think we all know that Notser’s first Captain skill should always be “island avoidance”

  15. Steven Wiederholt

    “I * thought I had a different commander”

    You know of course you are the 1st person in WoW that has ever done that! 🙂

    * Thought! That was your 1st mistake! 🙂

    Someone has to be the skinny old wise ass…and here I am.

  16. Only people with the Lightnings should be making this recommendation…. And last I checked… No Lightning for Notser…

  17. Guess I’d pick IFHE instead of AFT.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Yeah AFT is kinda useless since anything but slow BBs can easily dodge your shells at pre-AFT max range.

  18. What about IFHE, RPF, and Concealment and bag the BFT and AR and stay with SE and the last one point into preventative maintenance?

  19. Regarding Lightning, I’ve found that I haven’t needed IFHE as much as other lines thanks to that lovely British AP. Overall, I’d say that IFHE is a low-priority skill for the higher tier British DDs because their AP is absolutely fine against other destroyers and most cruisers due to the improved pen/angles. It makes CE an easier first pick.
    My preferred initial 10pt build is: (1) Priority Target, (2) Last Stand, (3) Survivability Expert, (4) Concealment Expert. From there, you can diversify and pick up IFHE/RPF, BFT/DE/TAE, and AR/HA depending on if you wish to play more openly & aggressively, or more defensively & cautiously.
    The advantage enjoyed by these “defensive” destroyers is that they have the guns which can put Americans to shame, and can back that up with some pretty decent torpedoes. Both a gunboat and torpedoboat build are absolutely viable, though the gunboat is probably a more reliable build overall. After all, your job is to counter enemy destroyers, so you want to work your fantastic gun systems to their full potential rather than trying to get away an accurate torpedo salvo.

  20. Why would you even fire HE at broadsiding DD???????? And blame it for not having IFHE??????????????????? Bro! Get a grip please

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