RECORD || 426K DAMAGE || GEARING – World of Warships

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Player: Ajax1170
Map: Warrior’s Path

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  1. Second.

  2. Ivan TheTerrrible


  3. that evil son of a bitch, i love him haha letting them think he torped them already

  4. 17 torps LMAO

  5. Christopher Matarazzo


  6. Stealth firing “Stronger than Grease!”

  7. bleed and stroke to death!!! Damn son!

  8. awesome, congrats 😀

  9. Awesome Gearing match, gratz. I wonder how much the upcoming stealthfire nerf will affect gunboat dd performance

  10. OMG…no wonder this player is rank 1…well deserved victory. But honestly, wargaming should totally do away stealth fire, which is really in essence a hack mode, for which the other side has no counters whatsofuckingever…..Once their DD are gone, those BB had no chance.

  11. Outstanding game!!

  12. 1 more second and would have gotten Kraken too. Robbed but holy shit!

  13. omg i dont have words

  14. holy…. shit

  15. where’s the kraken medal????

  16. this chat is so nice xD

  17. I have the version 0.6.2

  18. oh yeah men, but my favorite boat is the montana.

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