Red Dead Redemption 2 Unplugged – Two

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No script, no commentary and no main story spoilers. Just open world gameplay and all the bits I had to cut out of the PS4 playthrough to keep the story rolling.



  1. Dear Paul (aka Jingles), I don’t care what everyone is saying about these videos being “boring” or whatever. THESE videos are what made me buy this game & I fell in love with it.

    Thank you and keep making awesome content 🙂

  2. This is so relaxing to watch :)))

  3. I want this game so badly.

  4. The ambient music makes chores like this enjoyable. Crafting many things can be boring, but the sudden guitar playing makes it like a movie scene

  5. Why is the Rum gone? oh Jingles turned it all into Molotov cocktails.

  6. I’m on fire watch , thanks for the entertainment

  7. For a minute there I thought he forgot to turn on his mic.

  8. Random fact – Star Citizen has raised over 250 MILLION dollars and has been in development since 2011. It is still so early on in development that it’s in alpha and progress is reset every patch.

    Jingles, can we get an update video on Star Citizen? Obviously it’s nowhere close to being finished, but it’s had a decent amount added since the last video (I think) 4 years ago.

  9. Jingles: Welcome to Horse Simulator. Today we wi……
    Akazuki: Shut up and pet me.

  10. Geez, that is a monster of a muscular horse. That thing on steroids?

    • @L L It’s a draft horse (looks like a Shire to me). Usually they pulled heavy wagons as they are among the strongest breeds for their size. It’s not fast but has lots of stamina/are good for hunting and carrying lost of pelts and the like. Nice docile nature and unfazed by most things – basically a giant bulldog that follows you around in the game. There are about a 1000-2000 left, from a peak of almost a million right after the middle ages, since there is little need to use them for heavy labor or farm work.

      Side note – if you DO get one upset at you, like a bulldog, it isn’t moving for nothing. They are a few inches shorter than a Clydesdale but wider . They typically weigh about 1800-2400 lbs, making them the heaviest breed. Thicc indeed 🙂

      Of course, the game favors higher speed ( and more temperamental ) breeds, as expected.

    • @Joseph Oberlander Could be a Percheron. Those carried armored knights into battle, as well as having their own armor.
      They had to be able to carry a lot of weight.

    • @Joseph Oberlander
      I liked my answer better

    • @Joseph Oberlander I agree. The Percheron’s lower legs should be clean while Shires should be feathered like Daniel’s mount. Either can be gray.

    • ​@E. W. Darbyshire At the time the game is set as well as the level that he’s playing at, it’s likely a Shire, almost certainly. That said, yes, anyone with the extra money would get a Percheron because they were more intelligent and a bit more well rounded( as well as faster). Also, not THAT much more expensive since the Amish favored ( and still do ) them for their field work.

      Side note – the original Amish came from the Bern Highlands in Switzerland and brought a few horses with them. While other breeds existed, the best draft horses available in the region during the 1700s and 1800s came from France, with people travelling there to bring them back as breeding stock to improve lines in Germany and Switzerland. Southern France and Switzerland still have a good population of them, though they mostly pull sleds and do lighter work.

  11. I love these videos, that being said I think it’s hilarious that Jingles finally found a way to put a video up and do practically nothing but edit clips together. What a legend.

  12. Jingles just “replug” it please ? most of the time I simply wonder what is going through your mind.

  13. Jingles calling it in today

  14. At 14:00 , I swear I could hear Jingles say “god damn it, not my hat again…”

  15. That goat was feeling lucky.

  16. Jingles, none of this answers the most important question of them all: What happened to Gavin?

  17. Jingles is getting old and lazy

  18. Go home Jingles, your Drunk! XD No commentary on this video?

  19. It’s defiantly not the same without your comments 🙁

  20. This is cool and all but I really just came to hear your smooth buttery voice.

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