Replay Breakdown: Winter is Coming – Kronshtadt (World of Warships)

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It has been a little while due to production issues but I am back revamping my In-Depth Analysis videos into Replay Breakdowns. What better ship to rebrand the series than the one that started it all: the Kronshtadt. In this episode I go over asserting your dominance to control the game.

Hope you all enjoy the Video!!


  1. Hope you guys like the facelift I have given the series. Let me know what you guys think about the changes!

  2. nice video and explanation. Keep the good work!

  3. Thanks for this much. I have “Battleship” Kronshtadt too. Enjoy it but could do better, this indeed helps. Have subscribed; keep up your good work! It’s appreciated!

    • Thank you for the sub! It really helps me get to my 500 sub goal and to grow the channel. I hope I can continue to make great content that you will continue to enjoy.

  4. Hey Colonel, good to see you again! Really enjoy your series, name change works fine.

    • Kaptain Kaos Yea the name change felt necessary and gave me an excuse to revamp my thumbnail. Good to see you again too.

  5. Gary Anderson II

    Love the way you did this video….pause and explain and explain more and pause again and explain – repeat. You make it easy to understand.

    • Thank you, I am glad you found this video helpful. They aren’t tough to make so there will be more as a create more “Unique” content.

  6. Glad to see the fps bug is resolved, very nice

    • Took long enough and a TON of effort to find a fix but I am so happy it is resolved and that I can play and record at a decent graphic setting. I even did research during about how much I would need to revamp my PC.

    • It’ll definitely help grow the channel in the long run – the viewer experience is much better!!

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