Republique 8 kills 288k damage ✖️ World of Warships

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  2. Михаил Кишкин

    He is cheat, guys…

    • Not cheat. The Republique is very accurate BB. All those who laughed at her „only” 8 guns now take pounds of gr8 AP. And if they angle? Well, 48% fire chance from HE same as Conqueror. And it has Kurfurst level of secondaries on higher range. You still laughing ?

    • lol i do that kind of shoot every single day its easy m8!!!

    • the distance between your ship and your target isn’t shown on screen for nothing, you know.

    • SebaX: you forget the 20s reloading of Republique (15s with the special French captain and ~50% hp left)

    • That’s not a complicated shot at all – That comes with playing a lot of games, which if you have a T10, then you’ve played a lot of games.

  3. Well played. The fact he took a flanking position vs. rest of team was dangerous, but since he sniped enemy CV and their friendly CV was able to assist, he could pull this stunt off. Then the enemy has dilemma whether to show broadside to entire team or that one Republique off in the distance, and he was able to capitalize on that hard.

    If there is one criticism, it is when he engages the Yamato. He was able to citadel him thanks to friendly CV dive bombers forcing him to maneuver, but after that he kept shooting at his hull despite being angled, and Yamato has a THICC belt. Next time, aim for this superstructure.

    • You can citadel the yamas barbette easily from the front at an angle.

    • A little angle and you can citadel (the first shot when Yamato was angling less due to maneuvering from dive bomber attack) but after that Yamato aggressively angles and all Republique shells were bounces.

  4. Heute ne 306k damage runde mim kurfürst mit 4 kills. Aber trotzdem verloren ? Und nicht aufgenommen ?

  5. Who did he reported at the beginning of the match?

  6. Leider kein schönes Replay. Nur defensiv und Max Range Campen ?

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