Repulse and How to Get her for FREE in World of Warships Legends 4K

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0:00 – How to get Repulse
1:35 – Should you get Repulse

Repulse is a Royal Navy Tier 5 Battlecruiser that has sailed into Legends for the 4 year Birthday celebration. She can be attained for 12,500 Quadrons which is attainable for free this time around. Repulse has 6 ultra-accurate 381mm guns with a 2.0 sigma and battlecruiser dispersion. Shes extremely fast with a nearly 32 know base speed and speed boost consumable. For that speed though, Repulse is very lightly armored making her very susceptible to incoming enemy fire. Check out this ship and commander build guide, and gameplay to see if this ship is worth bringing to your port!
-Derka NA CC

SPECIAL THANKS: to @gauzy_gaming for getting me cinematic footage of Repulse from World of Warships PC.


New to the game? Use the code below for a jumpstart and a free Tier 2 premium ship:


#derkagames #WOWSL #WOWSLegends

New to the game? Use the code below for a jumpstart and a free Tier 2 premium ship:


#derkagames #WOWSL #WOWSLegends


  1. Fab as always Derka ❤
    Absolutely been loving this ship 😊

  2. Love the ship, seems to be a dev-strike printer for cruisers with AL nelson

  3. The goal is to go for both ships but congress is my main focus. Hard debating puting credits and promotions in for more keys

  4. I used to play battle stations midway on xbox 360 such an amazing game used to love the Japanese sub missions going after the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier and i think it was the lexington with it as well

    • Me and battle stations Pacific too great games in there day

    • Ohh man yes. The Midway mission as the IJN was fun. Sailing the BBs at high speed to catch the American CVs and pummel them lol. The attack on Force Z one I never enjoyed (sinking repulse and Prince of Wales) I got annoyed when I missed torps and bombs on the BBs lol

  5. I spent around 20 million to complete the entire treasure hunt, I managed to get London and Huange for free just by opening all the crates, and then I bought repulse

  6. I still have my battle stations midway and pacific 😊, both great games , same for me they were the main reason for me being a wowsl vet of 4 years, and two years on wows , and 10 wot 🎉😊

  7. Congress or Repulse?

    • Or possibly repulse, Congress doesn’t interest me as I a m on my 3rd to last Alaska stage

    • @Owen Nolan this lol

    • I got both. I kinda cheated when I bought 70 crates plus the events I had the silver and extra orders to get both ships. . So far Like both of the ships.

    • I don’t love Congress but of all the Tier 7 radar cruisers I think I like her the most. I’d rather play Congress than Baltimore, Wichita, Helena, or Rochester. As for Repulse, I’ve been spending all left over quadrons on Santa Crates. You’ve got like a 5.5% at a tier 5 ship. A 3.5% for tier 6. And a 1% for tier 7. So u get like a 1 in 10 Chance of pulling a ship with those

  8. Special thanks to @gauzy_gaming for getting beautiful footage of Repulse from PC! ❤

  9. Her HE is standard British HE pen unlike Warspite and Hood so HE damage/fires are easier to cook up. And got mine going around 40.8 knots with AL Hood speed build.

  10. Good review sir thank you…the top speed and light armor had me thinking of her as a Tier 5 Constellation….

  11. Thanks Derka. Appreciate the review.
    Lots of choices on where to spend the new currency this update. Some really nice crates to choose from also.
    3 D

  12. I enjoy her her, ver squishy but very accurate, I bought all the keys for the treasure hunt so I got that done!

    Also I’m considering get AL Hood for this ship.

  13. The arguments in the official discord over which one to get have been some of the most interesting parts of this campaign

  14. Of the 2 ships I prefer to get Repulse. It’s a ship that really existed plus I already have an Alaska. Don’t see much use for another one. I don’t have any British battle cruisers

  15. Had a kraken with Repulse in my first game, least I can say is i like this ship

  16. Considered getting Congress in order to sell it for silver, but being the history buff that I am…got Repulse after using some of my 3000 promotion orders to buy all the keys. Got Anshan from a Summer crate, and two pulls of 1250 Gold from the Fall crates…

  17. BTW, for Free To Play folks, a surprisingly good build has so far been Jellicoe…concealment is 12.1, speed of 34.7 (38 with boost), and Fully Packed gets you 4 heals and Speed Boosts. With the accuracy already pretty good, he doesn’t do too bad on this “cruiser”…😊

  18. Not The Cobra Commander

    Repulse as it’s nice to have a fun ship at 5. I chose Cunningham with reload Italian captain and he damage. It’s a like vanguard of t5. Stealth he fast

  19. 5:59 Something i’d like to note is the AA on Repulse historically wasn’t bad for a ship of its type (a WW1 refit), the main issue with the AA in its final battle was that fact that the Repulse and POW had next to no tracer rounds.

    That’s actually massive because even with the famously fearless Japanese pilots the ability to see the ammunition being short around you had a huge psychological affect on pilots and makes them more likely to pull off an attack or mess up.

    • Interesting! Thanks for sharing! Attack on Force Z is such a tragic story

    • @Derka Games Truly is… they likely would have survived with tracer rounds and air support. But as luck would have it the carrier that was meant to be with them run aground and had to be repaired and then for whatever reason the admiral in charge of the task force didn’t call in air support from nearby British colonies.

  20. That looks like one fast BB, good for flanking indeed, and definitly best to avoid being shot at. Lets see how frequent will it be to find them around. GG.

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