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The underlying principle of player progression within our game involves moving from lower tier to higher tier ships, all the way up to the apex of each branch—Tier X ships. However, the game has an enormous number of different-tiered ships, and each of them offers gameplay experiences that are equally interesting as those of Tier X ships.

Update 0.8.7 is set to introduce a new progression system—the Research Bureau. You will be able to earn a new resource—Research Points—which can be exchanged for valuable rewards. All that’s required is to reset researchable branches of ships and progress through them anew.

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about the new system?
    How many tier X ships do you have?:)

    • Earth Federation Space Force

      0 Tier X
      but, i don’t think sell them all is a good idea
      atleast left the Tier X for them?

    • Lets please call this what it is blatant cash grab for those with enough disposable income to convert xp to free xp to grind the lines faster. If you wanted to do what you initially said and make mid to low tiers popular to play again you can do that without requiring people to sell all of their ships. Make game content. You aren’t offering anything new with this change. You aren’t giving anyone any new scenarios or missions. It’s the same old grind again…sorry no thanks. You can do better.

    • I’m playing this game for three years now and I’m still missing four t10 tech tree ships. This is a horrible idea and i hope you guys will kick the monkeys in your developer Team which came up with the last bullshit ideas.

    • none. I play this game a lot of time, and level X is very difficult to get. New system is the end this game.

    • Some few % of all player base having already stockpiled millions of fxp/credits in last years have something to gain from it, but it was predictable the vaste majority don’t see the point and dislike the Research Bureau… frankly, it was expectable, no ?

      Just a tricky way to expand life expectancy of the game for very ancient players who don’t know what to do with their huge amounts of fxp and credits.

      Could have found something much better though, attractive for many more stages of the player base than this thing will do… ?

      For my part, let’s see after 2020 if am still motivated by this game and if I collect tens of millions fxp without other options to spend them than research bureau after regular grind.
      But I already know now I will completely deny that RB for the further 2 years at least.
      Time for me to finish all shiplines I don’t have done yet ; wich will take time !
      …in 18months of gameplay since March 2018, i managed to unlock 16 t9 and 12 t10s (if I include some Premiums within the full countdown), the few remaining others of my regular grindings are all t8s actually, it moves on quite fast.
      but nevertheless, with constant new shiplines like French DDs, Ru BBs, Ita CAs, subs to come and next ones later, i am VERY FAR of collecting enough millions of unspendable fxp/credits to remake what I already done so far in the Research Bureau…
      and all that only……. FOR AN OHIO !!! ?

      Truly, I am convinced WG could have found a better way to extend live expectancy of the game than this Research Bureau…
      But hey, no one is forced to invest time or XP’s in this new concept, so I don’t really care.
      I will care about after 2020, time to grind the rest till there.

      Anyway, pretty sure WG will make us new versions of this RB in further years… not just the few sessions of what they planned/announced here.
      Easiest way for WG to make more grinding for players without the constraints of new features to create is something like this RB, sooo… Pretty sure we will hear about Research Bureau for a couple of years ?

  2. Look!

    It’s the thing no one asked for!

  3. Mirko Mihovilovic

    Nobody wants this, why do you insist? have the courage to do a poll and see for yourself wg :/

  4. No one, not a single soul, not even their mothers:

    Wargaming: Research Bureau

    • Other than a few youtubers or people that do nothing else other than play this as they have nothing else to do they may do it but I am certainly not interested in this

  5. This is such a bad idea

    • It’s dumb because instead of promoting playing tier X ships it promotes selling them straight away and play again on lower tiers. With this idea you grind to tier X ship not to play them, but to throw them away. Does this sound reasonable to you?
      And yes, I understand it’s optional. Thus I’m writing about promoting such a move, not forcing it.

    • Ivan TheTerrrible

      @Paweł Ludwiczak Partially I agree with some points.

    • @Ivan TheTerrrible also dude don’t forget that with cv rework half of the community dropped the game now with what war gaming is doing more and more are leaving

    • Ivan TheTerrrible

      @Richard Gold I have only one word for you. Punctuation. Now, the other part is your statement, that the half of community has left the game. What a load of crap. Once you give me numbers, i’ll believe you. Till then it’s smoke and mirrors. Enjoy the game (or don’t).

  6. Sooooo i trade away like 850k exp for a measly 250k free exp? Probably the worst trade deal ever?

    • Clankplusm Gaming

      The worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever.

    • @Rngesus don’t forget u need a win for tier 6-10 ships,so u need to buy all of them, which means u need to spend 850k exp plus 70million credits, and retrain your 19 perk captian(or not) for another 1 million commander free exp, for 500k free exp. Sounds suck to me.

    • @Soupseed no you can’t. The XP go to Tier I of the line so you can use only to unlock Tier II. After that either you play or you use Free XP- In the meantime you lose a ton of silver and a lot of time. Not worthy for me.

    • @Michael Liu yes so what will heppen? people will play in co op to get just 1 win. But then again you don’t have the XP to research the next one. So use free XP. WG wants simply to milk the cow.

    • @Taluien : I imagine most people would rather gather salt in Jingles’ salt mines than go through regrinding entire lines again.

  7. No. Thank you. The most useless feature so far. I can’t believe Wargaming actually wasted development resources on this.

    • Jason Chan lol doesn’t have to be a buff, just need to be some kind of reward for reset so you can grind more

    • Well after cv rework all knew that from that moment that game died

    • This took a couple interns a month to come up with. There’s very little code involved.

    • ​@S.Q if you would get the reward upon resetting instead of completing the regrind, that would make the whole thing much more interesting to me. just reset the T10s you realised are no fun for you and get something in return. but having to regring the whole thing is just a terrible idea

  8. It took me 4 months to complete just one line on one nation. I dont want to suffer again…

  9. Players: this is stupid, we don’t want it
    CC’s: this is way too grindy and time consuming
    Weegee: seems like people love it, let’s implement it

    • Yeah… my guess is that the Russian community is driving this. After all they apparently play the game 24/7 according to them.

    • @PCWarMachine Pretty much, they are the only ones who might somewhat want this.

    • If you don’t want the feature, don’t use it. It makes absolutely no difference to your gameplay.

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      @Tarka Dal It makes.
      If you like to collect historical ships, you probably have many ships what you don’t want to lose, so you don’t want this feature.
      But there is a historically existing ship hidden behind this feature, so you’ll feel yourself shit anyway, because you must torture yourself with this shit or you has no chance to get a historical ship. (Even with steel ships has more chance to get them).

  10. Do you have many T10s? YES
    Do you enjoy playing lower tier ships? Yeah I guess.
    How about you get rid of all your progress and grind it ALL AGAIN! HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA AAAHAHAHAHAHA

  11. The like to dislike ratio is what I’m here for

  12. Yes WG. I am happy owner of numerous T10 ships. No I do not want to regrind them… ever.

  13. Who has time for this nonsense?

  14. I have every tier 10, I’ve spent the last 3 and a half years grinding, I’m not about to reset and start again ??

    • @David why do you feel the need to post on his post. side not look at the like to dilike i think that sentiment reddevil is feel is felt by a lot of ppl

    • @David It’s a public comment, so he can say what he wants. Not hard to get

    • I think David just likes being a bellend.

    • but you can get that one other ship you might possibly not have and spend an amazing time grinding everything all over again!!!

    • At least it’s no longer mandatory like the old shite buff system. Having to grind lines 5 times to get 1 ship is still dumb though. I wouldn’t mind grinding 2 t10 lines for 1 t10 premium, but 5 is too much.

  15. I think the problem really lies with Wargaming falling for the general gaming misconception of “engagement”. Game companies think you should play their game and their game only. What this does to me as a player is piss me off and burn me out to the point where I stop playing the game. Plus, I don’t want to be stuck playing a single game. I like variety.
    The latest super grindy events that happened in WoWS are a great example. I who have managed to gather everything that came out in WoWS events have simply stopped grinding for these latest events because apparently spending 2-3 hours every evening is not enough anymore. Sorry, my time belongs to me, not to a game.

    • Well said! I’m in the same boat (excuse the pun), you absolutely get pissed off grinding something so hard that in the end the reward only reminds you of the hard work rather than a great price.

    • Lasse Thomsen Me doing the HEAT Event for War Thunder right now. Want the cool things but I’m gonna remember the 4-7 hours of pain I go through everyday to grind the event.

    • @Rush109 those events are a total waste of time. your better off trying to buy whatever vehicle your interested in on the marketplace, or just not bothering

    • Yeah, the prices you can earn are paid in lifetime. I find them way too expensive

  16. Actually, i don’t care about it.
    Do i play lot of T10? Sure!
    Do i play other lower tier ships? Of course!
    Do i want to do a regrind? Ah… no!

    Keep your Colbert…


    • achiilleas georgaras

      This comment needs more likes……. It’s a f*cking brilliant idea .I support u

    • @achiilleas georgaras You are right. But what is the hidden goal of WG? To make players have fun? NO to milk them. To research the line unless you are masochistic you will need a ton of Free XP. Buy gold and convert the normal XP . WG is trying to sell gold to old customers that have tons of silver and commanders XP and don’t use it.

  18. If you think players are interested in resetting 5 lines and grinding them entirely again to get a single ship, you don’t know your players. Terrible idea, frankly it is just flat out insulting.

    • Is it though? It’s a completely optional feature. Just because you dont value it doesn’t mean there are many who do. I personally wont do it, but that doesnt mean I’m going to throw a fit in the comments over an OPTIONAL feature.

    • @David Obviously we’re all just sharing our opinions, but I do have to answer yes, I think it is both a terrible idea and insulting. Obviously is is optional… it is ALL optional, playing anything other than tier 1 is optional, spending money on WoWS for premium to make it easier get top tier, is optional… buying premium ships is optional, using flags & camo… etc. What this “option” does is significantly devalue the effort it takes to get up to tier 10s. And because it is tier 10s, it makes them more critical to be competitive in the game at the highest level – specifically Clan Battles. Yes, CB isn’t always 10s, but is usually is. And though the Colbert probably won’t have a real place there because of how niche its roll is, I do think that the Ohio might well be an important option to have. But this “option” is insulting to the effort that players put in to get to a competitive level in the game.
      If it were a tier 6… I couldn’t have cared less.

  19. Well at least we can be happy that the NTC, I mean, Research Bureau ship rewards are so well balanced and wont impact t10 balance at all.

  20. The absolute LAST THING WoWS needed was yet ANOTHER CURRENCY!

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