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The year 2019 is coming to an end—it’s time to sum it up and recollect what happened in World of Warships. New game modes, ship branches, the official announcement of submarines, and much more. Let’s remember the brightest moments in a new video!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    What is your biggest in-game achievement this year?:)

    • My biggest achievement is selling my carriers as soon as you turned them into arcade game toys.

      Oh, and I managed to go all year long without spending anything with a company that obviously has so little regard for its customers.

    • What a shitshow WG this year and than you try to be proud of your selfs and do if you care about us.
      that this is normal in russia okay but not in the most part of the rest of the world.

    • you forgot the almighty gnome overlord jingles as a captain 🙂

    • What do you think about the like/dislike ratio? I guess you think we will follow the shiny stuff in the video and forget about all the screw ups in 2019. 2020 will surely be a banner year when you shove subs and UU in the NTC down our throats.

    • Quitting as you guys exposed your true greedy incompetent selves. Hope you reflect and learn some lessons from your disastrous set of decisions starting with the abomination of CV rework – true failure of a change

  2. Puerto Rico Disaster tho

    1:37 what i was waiting for

    • CV REEEwork

    • @Ameen Khan I love how they now call it “CV improvements” instead of “rework” Kind of like the pathetic attempt to re-brand gold shells in tanks to premium or “speshul” rounds to try and pretend it doesn’t add to p2w elements xD

  3. And the PR disaster that’s gotten me to close my wallet. Thanks for saving me a lot of money on this game in 2020 Wargaming.

  4. WeeGee:
    New Branches of ships!
    Gameplay Improvements!
    New Game Modes!

    Everybody(and flamu):

  5. You forgot JOKES – PUERTO RICO

  6. it’s like promoting a dumpsterfire for giving warmth and light

  7. Result of 2019:
    Me not buying 360 premium days at 50% discount because Paytorico.

    WG, Fix this

  8. Its funny coz i can relate a bad experience to everything in this vid

    • Apple Gamers Incorporated

      MyRealPoland especially the part when the Des Moines wipes 12 Midway Dive Bombers from the sky in an instant. That is what happens whenever I play my Midway. ?

  9. I love your game, really I do but wtf where you all thinking when you rolled out that “Updated” Puerto Rico idea ?

  10. I just want to know one Result: how many people got the PR without any booster. So as you would call it „for free“

  11. Here to dislike after the PR disaster.
    Not even going to watch the video.

  12. I am so glad that i know that you gave something to the disabled people this year. Those poor people had nothing to do before your grind. Now they have something to achieve in their lifes

    • As one of said people I can confirm that I’m grateful to WG for doing this as it shows them up for the greedy,uncaring and in Earl Greys case Trolls that treat the playerbase with utter contempt! /sarcasm

    • Disabled vet here, their grind was impossible for me, not only did i get sick for 7 days, but i also cannot spend 12 hours a day playing WoWs

    • @Pythos Sapunov if it wasn’t obvious, this was sarcasm from me, but not from a WG employee

    • @Pythos Sapunov 12 hours a day sound like rookie hours if you want to get your PR. On a serious note, I hope you got over what ailed you those 7 days.

  13. I feel sorry for your art team, they make great things and yet you manage to f**k it up with dumb “improvements” like CV rework, Pay2Rico, Smolensk, Submarines and other utterly stupid updates that people didn’t ask for, didn’t want. 2019, the year that Lesti became as bad as EA

    • who care about the art …btw that looked like shit too.

    • @rich livingston lol tell that to all the people who like how the Dockyard works in terms of seeing the ship being built piece by piece, or some of the cosmetic options they put into the game.

  14. WG went 2019 from my Favorite gaming Company to my Most hated

    • @AgaBe you must be living under a rock to this WG has done nothing wrong especially this year

    • @Jussi Raitoniemi dude chill i just didn’t know okay

    • @Jussi Raitoniemi for poor events

    • Wargaming may be a little on the nose right now, but most hated belongs to Bethesda, closely followed by perennial most hated EA. Lets not lose focus here.

    • @lunsmann Dunno, I think blizzard gets a very explicit mention for supporting violation of human rights and explicitly giving no fucks about free speech, I’d firmly put them over Bethesda in most hated. I don’t think anything can rob EA of their top spot though, they basically singlehandedly fucked the entire gaming industry with their microtransaction shit.

  15. 2:58 “raid for the fith” good lord get someone who can read.

  16. “CV improvements” ~ WG 2019

  17. If the end of 2019 is a hint of what 2020 is going to be like, I’m going to be saving a lot of cash by not buying WG merchandise.

  18. 2019, the year WG shot itself in the foot, then claimed it was for the “people who have no lives”

    WG… I’m a disabled veteran.. and your game was about the only thing i could play for the longest time…. not only was this PR even was impossible for me due to health reasons.. but your EXCUSE that it was for people like me was a laughable defense in the absolutely crummy monetization… Don’t give me a gift.. and expect me to work my ass off… thats not what a gift is.

    The PR was already in the dumpster before it hit the Dockyard. I’ll still play the game, but i reverse my decision that when i can actually find a job that i can work with my disability, that i would buy the Tirpitz…. no thanks. You guys killed my appetite for the game with your “its for the people with no lives” crap

    • Ведро Раков

      Pythos Sapunov, you might be very surprised about the inappropriate and disrespecting way of speeking to it’s community of Malik Hatadjaev, the LS Director.

  19. WG in 2019: From a decent company to the likes of EA… money money money …

  20. “And other important updates”
    Community contributors: *Are we a joke to you?*

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