Return of the Legend – Musashi

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A personal account of ’s sinking from a surviving crewmember.

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  1. BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

    The battleship that didnt get a chance to get started

  2. *1 8 I N C H I N T E N S I F I E S*

  3. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Meanwhile WG can’t give Musashi’s guns sound to be the same of Yamato’s but only the sound of 457mm and below… disrespectful imo…

  4. You know most people never think about how much Japan, Germany and Italy suffered after the war we were only happy to hear that the allies won but hearing stories from people fighting against the allies just like the soldier from the video(sorry I did not know how to spell your name otherwise I would have) telling his point of view is very saddening to hear and most people never take into account what they had to go through after the war. So just like any soldier that we thank for serving your country, thank you for serving your country for what you thought was right and you did what you believed what was right so no one can blame you for anything, even though they may point out you were fighting for the Axis side that still doesn’t label you as a terrible person after the war.

    • HungLee
      So allied didn’t do anything wrong?

    • Yes allied did do 2 things that were extremely wrong and those were Hiroshima and Nagasaki were they purposely targeted civilians. And in the Soviet Union Stalin basically had 2-3 literal purges on civilians who didn’t believe in communist government or something along those lines.

    • What a naïve comment. Firstly, the suffering that is mentioned here was inflicted on him ,NOT by the allies but by JAPAN because he did not go down with the ship. Secondly, your moral relativism and sympathy to the armies that committed atrocities wherever they went is inappropriate. Really? Taking the example of the Philipinnes where the interviewee was stranded, was it really ok from the Japanese point of view to murder a few hundred thousand civilians just because they were losing the war? And don’t give me that it was only some in Japan or just the SS that did the mass atrocities because evil was widespread throughout the German and Japanese armed forces (including the particularly barbaric Japanese Navy)

    • That doesn’t mean that every soldier in the Japanese, German, Italian, American, British, Russian, ect… were all bad and all i was pointing out in my very first comment was i was feeling sorry for EVERY good soldier that had to suffer from the war and also every civilian that was injured, killed, or murdered during WW2 when they had no right of being a part of war so i don’t understand why YOU have to come in here and make it sound like every soldier that was apart of WW2 is a terrible person, yes i realize the soldier in this video was not injured by the allies and i never mentioned he was.

    • sorim1967 it is also naive to misjudge the point.
      The sympathies lay with the individual not the army.
      I love my nation, my army, and my brothers in arms, but my sympathies are not with the whole.
      I know the atrocities all sides committed, then and now, first hand at times.
      War is not always about right and wrong, that is propaganda.

  5. Михаил Серафимов

    press F to pay respect

  6. Sadly WG decided to used the 1942 not completed hull. And some of its YAMATO fooltage, but it was nice to watch the oldman history aboard the ship.

  7. respect for these brave crews

  8. My favorite PC game does better history documentaries in 8 minutes than The History Channel.

  9. American is to scary to sink both yamato and musashi only using a goddamn aircraft not using any battleship at her disposal

    • heh the Taffy 3 made that “great ” yamato retreat cant even beat a few destroyers it has no chance againts an Iowa

    • spectar viana Why would you ever expect a massive battleship to be able to out match destroyers? Any battleships gun turrets traverse speed and maneuverability would be outclassed by destroyers.

    • Unlike in WoWS, BBs are equipped with several destroyers worth medium caliber guns.

    • You are 100% TOTALLY WRONG. 1. The Yamato was attacked extremely effectively by small escort DDs which not only were not afraid but probably acted more bravely than any ship in any theatre in WW2. ON the other hand, the Yamato’s retreat off Samar is probably the most cowardly act in the war. 2. The USN dispatched old WW2 BBs to sink the Yamato at Okinawa since by 1944 ALL USN BBs were vastly superior to the Yamato because of their radar direction of their guns – Yamato was still on optical rangefinders. That’s how US BBs obliterated Fuso and Yamashiro and a night action off Okinawa would have meant Yamato sinking by the same ships that were sunk and then raised at Pearl Harbour. But the CV strike came first and saved the Yamato from the utter humiliation of sinking at the hands of Mexico Class BBs…

    • I think I remember reading that the US Navy greatly over-estimated the Yamato’s effective range until after the war. The tactic was to move closer in to negate the Yamato’s greater effective range. However, the US Navy had the better effective range at this time due to it’s radar verse optics and more accurate guns.

  10. Santiago Trujillo Tobon

    Thanks war gaming for interweing a japanese veteran, this is such a good thing since they get so little attention, so again thanks you : )

    • Santiago Trujillo Tobon from what I remember, due to Japan’s current views on violence and war, veterans are actually looked down upon, as opposed to the US’s generally positive and supportive attitude towards their service members.

    • Mike Gao That’s kinda dumb. Many soldiers (and veterans) obviously didn’t want to fight and at the time if you didn’t enrol in the army it was illegal.

    • I don’t think Dingobling read or comprehended your post Mike. I remember reading the same thing, Japanese vets are not treated like US vets.

    • Santiago Trujillo Tobon

      That is as sad as it is understandable. They dont want to remember the war but never the less this guys deserve respect for their service, been fired upon is the same no matter wath and everyone brave enough to endured it deserves appreciation.

  11. Respect to all soldiers who served their country, also those who gave their life.

  12. When the CV is afk

  13. Thank you for your service Mr. Yoshiaki.

  14. Dang dude. No matter how much time passes, wars just never change. Young men have to fight, and die, for the sake of old men who are, most likely, safe in some reinforced building. It seems no country is free from this curse.

  15. hmm…What Japanese people say and narrations are different. For example, the narration say “fifth devision” at 3:04. But Japanese say it(go buntai, 五分隊) at 4:22.

    • 第五分隊 literally means 5th squad/team. So the “5th division” is no difference. We are taking about navy anyways so you should understand its not “division” the army uses.

    • 4:36 では高角砲分隊と言ってますね。i dunno if youre actually japanese or not just let me know if youre not so i can rewrite it to you in english instead?

    • Nanodesu!

    • zam023
      I think it mean not ship’s survice section but human working section. And his devision is AA guns. It similar scale to army’s working section. So I think using ”devision” is not wrong.
      But my thinking is based on Japanese, so I missunderstand means and nuances there words.

  16. Poor guy. Reminds me of my Grandpa whenever asked about the Battle of the Bulge. He couldn’t say much with his mouth that his face didn’t say already :/

  17. None of these iron wonders can surrive the war its not fair that only the united states get their battleship texas for preserveing the axis where desprate if the germans had not been so careless with keeping tirpitz in norway or if the japanese wernt so desprate with the yamato class battleships and gave them more escorts italy also messed up with roma none of these advanced wonders surrive its not fair america

    • Only fools cry about fairness in war

    • We can actually resurface the Yamato, Nagato, and Bismark and rebuild them. It would just be expensive as hell.

    • Kevin Smith but then regular old people would say that ur disturbing graves and out of Respekt leave the Ships down there although i sure would love to see such a sight

    • It’s not really a grave when its that far under the ocean. The bodies would be crushed into particulates and spread through the ocean. If not the bodies would have already been recovered such as what happened with the Mutsu. The Nagato was unmanned when it sunk by capsizing. Aside from it being slightly radioactive it is still whole.

    • The dreadnought Texas isn’t the only preserved battleship, the pre-dreadnought Japanese battleship Mikasa is still afloat, as are the four Iowa-class fast battleships, the two South Dakota-class battleships, and the North Carolina, name ship of her class. Since the term battleship is simply a shortening of the term “line-of-battle ship,” one could also say HMS Victory is a battleship and is preserved as well. It’s a simple fact that the majority of nations scrapped their battleships over time, or they were destroyed in combat (as the battleships of the Axis were). The Americans simply had enough people clamoring to keep their historic warships; a classic example of “he who shouts loudest wins.”

  18. Thank you my waifu Hamakaze for saving this man so we can hear his tale aboard the Musashi

    Musashi supposed to be an improved Yamato class right?? She should be on tier 11

    • twinblade98 It’s the 1941 stock configuration of Musashi in game so…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Not really… The Musashi we have in game is a stock configuration of Yamato – not musashi…
      Real life Musashi had thinner armour at 400mm to support a better torpedo bulge and bulkheads…

    • +Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer actually the thinning of the plates began on Shinano and the final yamato hull 797 was gonna be thinner than shinanos aswell

    • bobbyspongka why would they equip BB hull with thinner armour?? Or is the 4th ship was intended as a CV as well??

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Only H-44 deserves the title of T11… Hell I would consider A-150 Super Yamato to still be in T10… cause its only just minor upgrades over Yamato…

      AKA – Main guns of 3×3 460mm 45cal guns replaced with 2×3 510mm 45cal guns.
      Secondary guns of 12×2 127mm 40cal replaced with 12×2 100mm 65cal…
      Moar 25mm 60cal Triple Barrel guns with muzzle blast shield. 
      Armour would be around a 46cm belt and a 23cm deck and 25cm inclined citadel deck…

      Torpedo bulges would be improved extending all the way up to the mainbelt and covering it, including major anti-flooding bulkhead improvements and an increase in water tight compartments.

      Lastly its Steam Turbine engines are replaced with more powerful and efficient Diesel Turbines – allowing Yamato to hit a speed of 30 knots… 

      Rudders improved (Yamato’s emergency auxiliary rudder – was deemed pretty useless) – perhaps it is replaced with just another main Rudder – giving Yamato 2 rudders – parallel / inline to each other…

      Its size would be pretty much the same – retaining the tight 650m turning circle radius (900m in game)
      and its displacement would be probably be around 80,000tons under full load.

  19. That’s a cool story. Did Wargaming actually find the Japanese veteran? Alive? Or was the footage recorded years ago? I wonder.

    If so he must be near 100 yrs old…

    • This was the Second World War. If he was around twenty when it started, he should be around seventy or eighty now.

    • Seraphim Frost *facepalm*

      You obviously failed math dude!

      The war started in 1939. If he was 20 years old, that means he was born in 1919.

      The current year is 2018.

      That’s a 99 year gap. Either that footage was filmed years ago, or he’s about 100 years old…

      Feel stupid yet? ?

  20. Ok wargaming please don’t remove the Missouri keep it please removing it is slightly rued because ww2 was officially ended it on it and that’s very important but instead do this in order to get the Missouri you have to earn special xp that is hard to earn and is unlocked at tier 5 and it can’t be increased by premeom but by another booster like xp or something but make each branch have a xp ship I think this would be better please read this wargaming

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