Review! // Atago / “As old as the mountains”

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The original tier eight , and still one of the very few tier eight cruisers, the Atago hasn’t exactly had a lot of buffs since it was released – but then, as we’ll see, it’s never really needed it, despite the matchmaking at tier eight being somewhat worse now than when it was first released.


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  1. Wasn’t the original tier VIII premium Japanese cruiser the Kitakami?

    Bloody good job that’s no longer in the game. It was worth trying in beta (did it even make it out of the closed beta, I can’t remember?), but that was enough to show that being able to spam 40 torps at once was a really, really bad idea.

    • PointyHairedJedi

      Well, it was, but not since closedd beta – or was it even before then it was replaced? I meant what I said in the context of since the game being officially released, anyway.

  2. The ARP Takao does now get the standard camo bonuses, although it didn’t when it was first released.

    • Hm, didn’t realise that, does that also apply to the tier 7 ARP ships too?

    • I believe it applies to all the ARP ships, along with the Southern Dragon. It changed a patch or two after they were introduced.

    • PointyHairedJedi

      I’ve checked, I don’t think you can be right – with the same setup, Atago has 9.1km and Takao has 9.4km; it’s the same for the Myoko and her clones too.

    • I don’t have the non-ARP ships to check myself, although the last time I checked with my mate who has an Atago, my Takao had an identical detection radius. I remember the patch notes where it was changed, which said they should be the same, but I can’t for the life of me remember which patch it was.

  3. Atago <3 Probably one of the best premium cruisers in the game. Its staying power is remarkable.

  4. Nice title. Mt. Atago.

  5. I want this ship, but I’m always hesitating, because I’m worried about powercreep, especially with dominance of radar cruisers and high-camo BBs.

  6. Re-Class Battleship

    Tsundere Heavy Cruiser was a real reward for the ARP missions. Next to Bismarck and Tirpitz my likely most played ship.

  7. I think you’ve found another series here re-reviewing old ships and seeing how they stack up in the game today!

  8. IJN Cruisers, and therefore Atago, have the BEST dispersion of any cruiser line. If you compare shell groupings between Atago and New Orleans, you will find the Atago really does have the tightest salvos. Between the extreme accuracy, the REALLY good HE, and good turret traverse – the Atago is really still an amazing ship. Add in the heal, and the torpedo launchers, amazing stealth (that can allow for stealth torp drops) and it still really stands out as a great ship!

    Also, her Armor, in my experience, is FAR better than Mogami’s OR Ibuki’s! Using the rudder properly CAN allow you to troll even T10 BB shells on occaison.

    • I’ll go as far to say atago has better armour than the Ibuki, and if given a range buff she can easily fit into tier 9.

  9. Shell velocity is actually lower than on New Orleans, at 840 meters/sec, but the AIR DRAG is AMAZING – leading to the shells having a VERY flat arc, despite low initial velocity. IJN Cruiser shell drag coefficient is so low that it makes up for lack of muzzle velocity.

  10. Still probably my favourite ship in the game and one of my most played premiums with about 200 games. Suffers from matchmaking though, if you land in one of those T10 games with 5 BBs and 5 DDs per side, you won’t have a particular enjoyable game.

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