Richelieu || Bretagne || Normandie || French Battleships confirmed || World of Warships

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n what it seems to be a small Wargaming event for the French community, Wargaming announced three upcoming French battleships: Bretagne, Normandie and Richelieu.
Richelieu || Bretagne || Normandie || French Battleships confirmed || World of Warships
French Battleship Bretagne – Possible Regular Tier IV or V
French Battleship Richelieu – Possible Regular Tier VIII
Normandie: T6 or 5
Jean Bart will be the premium

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  1. Yes !!!! ?

  2. French ligne AC

    5 Béarn
    6 projet porte avion léger vichy ou PA 4. 19 000t 38 avion 30kn
    7 Joffre 230m ou PA 5. 234m 24 000t. 48 avion 31kn
    8 PA 2. 244m 28 000t 27kn 56 avion ou PA 13. 220 m 19 000t 70 avion 34kn
    9 super Joffre (PA 25) 245 m ou PA 14. 220m 19 000t 76 Avions 34kn
    10 super projet vichy 47 000t avion estimé à ~ 140
    Conversation du Normandie 313m 86 000t


    That is a very good news yes!! ENFIN!!! que tout les français se manifestent dans les commentaires svp ^^

  4. Hooooo ça fait plaisir

  5. Hey Panzerknacker!As (one of) the owners of this video, I’d be pleased if you could at least credit our channel that took this video if you use it, a link in the description is the least. Thanks.

  6. U mean French battle ships are coming but only premium

  7. Finally some more BBs, i cannot wait…

  8. A voir ce que cela va donner en jeu, quelle genre de spécificité auront-ils, etc. J’ai hâte !!

  9. ahah i was at this event ^^ 😉

  10. On veut les DD la classe Aigle Vauquelin Fantasque Mogador et Desaix

  11. if Alsace is confirm then fuck this imma sell my kidney for more creds and XP’s

  12. Beautifull!!! The best looking BB’s ever build are finally arriving!!

  13. The French 340mm gun was kinda bupkis
    So IMHO Bretagne could be Tier 4
    Normandie Tier 5
    Lyon Tier 6.

    Possibly a modernized Gille battlecruiser at Tier 7
    or a Marseille class Battlecruiser


    Please watch this 1:19 second clip Panzerknacker…..I need a professional assessment.

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration! Your videos are awesome! Take care.

  15. Woah I love the look of the Normandie and Bretagne. They look similar to US dreadnoughts like the New York, but seem a lot more slimmer and compact. Can’t wait for these, honestly!

  16. 1:50 HON HON HON HON ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  17. Where are my submarines??


  19. Les français en force !!!

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