Rico/Chet: Charles Martel vs. Haarlem | World of Warships

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Meet the next contenders on our new show!
00:00 — In the second episode of our somewhat crazy show, Charles Martel and Haarlem face off against each other in an intense test of prowess. It’s time to find out which cruiser will cope with all the challenges and emerge victorious!
00:40 — Charles Martel and Haarlem.
02:30 — Perfect shot.
05:30 — Combat Salvo.
07:30 — Survive if you can.
10:30 — Under secondary battery fire
12:50 — Torpedoes VS Airstrike
15:00 — The Ocean Race
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  1. I hope world of warships legends is as beautiful as this pc version

  2. I actually enjoyed these kinda episode
    Keep makeing more
    (Oh yeah can try the Pommerm vs something?)

    Edit: Like this comment 🙂
    Cause i think why not GK vs Pommerm

  3. There is a problem with the secondary battle sequence. Whilst Charles Martel is shown to have 38.000 Health, corresponding to the ships B hull, Haarlem is shown to have only 36.250 health (instead of 40.100 health of the B hull), corresponding to the ships A hull, making this an unfair fight

  4. this is really cool, why not trying kremlin vs gk ?

  5. The dispersion of haarlem is whack for a 203mm paired with a worse reloading time.

  6. le pas très gentil

    Honestly this video is an improvement of the format , a bit funnier (and less cringe)
    also thanks for removing the guy with the nasal voice he fits the criterias to dub Rumble not anything else

  7. very nice, a suggestion but how about cristofo colombo vs kremlin?

  8. everybody gangsta…. until Charles martel activate reload boostaa and spood beest…..
    Haarlem is good at support DD at the cap with her airstrike and repair party… can also a bit bowtanking….
    Charles on the other hand… just pure gun and run……


  9. the test are funny … the Haarlem is the worst cruiser of the t8. The problem with Haarlem is precision, it is very bad even with the precision module.
    The Haarlem’s special ability is not efficient, out of 10 attempts, only 3 do damage. Charles M.’s reload ability always takes damage.
    The icebreaker only makes the battleships make you citadels even from the bow.

    • the icebreaker can not be overmatched and therefore the shell will bounce if shot directly from the front, or a penetration if shot from the side. and there is no citadel in the bow. -> the icebreaker does NOT make battleships shoot citadels on you

  10. LOL Amagi’s dispersion when shooting CM at 5km was terrible, yet it was too good to be real when shooting Haarlem. Apparently in that test the RNG god favored the French cruiser.

  11. Charles martel has speed boost and reload boost. Haarlem has shorter range, longer reload, lower accuracy, no torpedos, battleship burn and flood, worse agility. All that to get airstrike, heal, and some armor against cruisers? The dutch cruiser line look medicore at best apart from the Gouden Leeuw witch look intersting only because of the scharnhorst guns. So convert some free xp and go up to tier 10…..oh i see :/ But this video is fun:)

  12. I want to see a DD test next, Kleber VS Harugumo

  13. Completely different dispersions between shots in test 3 makes the test useless.
    On first salvo against Charles, there was more shotgun dispersions and most shells missing the target.
    Then against Haarlem it gets golden RNG.

  14. German Dasha is marvelous. Well, she usually is, but especially this time

  15. That was a good one, also, I would like to see Amagi vs North Carolina next

  16. @Melvin Sott Yes, because Harlem will lose more hp to fire due to her extra amount of hp(if hull B is selected). Harlem should die 2~3 seconds earlier.

  17. Thank you for the video, keep doing these videos.
    i preffer the German one VOTE DASHA GERMAN PEROVA

    i tried to put it as bonus code LOL

  18. Tried to look at Dutch news but could not see anything about this. Do the Dutch people know that the Danish Navy yesterday, the 24/11-2021 helped a Dutch tradeship from being attacked by pirates. Danish navy killed 4 pirates, wounded one, took 4 as prisoners after the Danish Navy was fired upon after it placed itself between the Dutch ship and the pirates. The incident took place at the bay of Guinea where Denmark, with an advanced fregat with aerial capabilities, protect international shipping routes from pirates.

  19. Bismarck vs Richelieu. Two worthy opponents created to counter each others

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