Rico/Chet: Östergötland Versus Yūgumo | World of Warships

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The world ocean is too small for these two. Let’s find out which ship has the sturdiest armor!
Rico/Chet is heading out on the high seas again. In the new episode, lightweight vessels Östergötland and Yūgumo will demonstrate the power of their armaments and durability of their armor.
Are they as sturdy as they are fast? Sit back and marvel as these ships go through a series of challenges and show off their best capabilities in the new episode of the most daring show in the World of Warships universe!

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  1. Welp i dont care of Yugumo won, i lost so much on Yugumo, *but my wins on Östergötland are stacking up*

  2. I would always play for Halland. Its the most fun and doesent need 20k Damage Torps.

  3. You even called the ship a Swedish one in the intro how about giving the Swedes their own nation like you have done with Spain and Netherlands. Compared to those two nations Sweden actually had real built ships all the way to tier 10!

  4. And thus again Wg proves that its a RNG Shipshow, fires are RNG determined, Shells hitting are aswell, dropping short shells bugg anyone? Getting a flooding is also RNG to it’s core, not even talking about the torpedo spread RNG fest. Secondary’s hitting and thus resulting fires are also RNG, So the outcome of this shipshow is fundamentaly wrong as all is decided by RNG!

  5. You should use Shliefen and not Preussen, these dds would get destroyed in 15 seconds

  6. please do Zao vs Petro or Nevsky next time

  7. Tomas Coen Mitrani

    On paper yugumo seems better but in 90% of the scenarios you face in randoms Ostergotland is much better.

  8. Let’s compare the torpedo that does the least damage with the highest in T9 tech tree…. on how fast sinking a bb.
    Brilliant, way too HARD-CORE.

  9. BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

    Yugumo has a higher skill floor and ceiling than Oster. You need to learn how to land torp every salvo because she is unforgiving. Once you get it down, Yugumo is better.

  10. I like that WG are doing more content on their channel, and this concept is cool, but it’s not very interesting anymore. The competitions are either decided by plain stats or in some cases by pure RNG!😬

  11. All I want is the Småland DD. I see the real ship every day walking to and from work….

  12. Yugumo because first of all i’m a IJN main, Second of all i love the look of Yugumo especially the super structure, And third of all she is an great DD in general and can be build as torp boat or gun boat or even as hybrid !
    However i think Yugumo could use some buff seeing how newer ships become better and better than older ones, i do love that you don’t need to choose between the torp reload booster or smoke and instead we get to have both of them, this will significantly put Yugumo as a significantly more copetitive DD…

  13. If they don’t meet each other it is difficult to predict.

  14. This is a completely unfair comparison
    Oater has strong AA and u didn’t even test it
    It also has fast torpedoes

  15. 5:28 How did he fire a bullet?

  16. Cam you please make a tier 8 German tech-tree destroyer battle?

  17. I love this show <3

  18. Battleship Missouri

    I would like to see Iowa and the Bismarck go head to head on a Rico/Chet episode

    • well that would be kind of unfair since Iowa is a tier 9 and Bismarck is tier 8. It probably should be a North Carolina versus Bismarck because they are both tier 8. FDG is a Tier 9 so that would be a more realistic competition with Iowa since they like pitting ships at the same tier against each other.

  19. I go back to wows after the break and I have a question, are submarines, and if not, when will they be?

  20. Here’s another idea for a future video, what about Slava vs Kremlin?

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