Riga New Heavy Russian Cruisers World of Warships Wows Review Guide

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How to play tier 9 Heavy Russian cruisers Riga World of Warships Wows review guide including full ship upgrades and Soviet cruiser split captain skills including review and high quality world of warships replay wows highlights.

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Riga is the brand new Soviet Tier IX cruiser released in early access in update 0.9.4 and fully researchable from 0.9.5. Riga is one of the early heavy cruiser design variants of Project 82. She was equipped with 220 mm guns that gave the Soviet ship superiority over her foreign heavy cruiser counterparts, which were armed with 203 mm artillery.
Riga boasts the best AP shell penetration and flight time among all Tier 9 techtree cruisers combined with very high shell and flat shell arcs
Riga has some very tough armor profile for a cruiser, with thick deck and upper belt armor and “icebreaker” bow. Riga also boasts the largest hitpoint pool of all Tier 9 techtree cruisers. One might call it a gimmick but Riga also gains improved dispersion at mid to short range and having access to the surveillance radar consumable makes Riga quite the threat to enemy destroyers and stealthier cruisers. Riga has good concealment with all available improvements for her size and tier but does have some weaknesses including disappointing HE damage output and chance.
Relatively slow main battery reload speed for a cruiser and suffers from quite poor accuracy at long range. riga, riga wows, wows riga, riga world of warships, riga cruiser, world of warships new russian cruisers, wows, world of warships, riga ship, new russian cruisers, riga review, riga guide, riga build, riga captain skills, russian cruiser guide, russian cruiser captain skills, russian cruisers world of warships, russian cruisers, world of warships russian cruiser guide, wows russian cruiser split, heavy russian cruiser, russian heavy cruisers wows. Riga also suffers rather slow main battery traverse speed making expert marksman an absolute must have skill. Riga also has rather a large turn radius and slow rudder shift time and it’s important to realise that the vulnerable rises above the waterline so angling correctly is quite important. The surveillance radar only lasts for 15 seconds which might take some players a little getting used to compared to other Russian cruisers which usually lasts a lot longer so it’s very important to land those salvos in the brief windows provided. All in all Riga feels like a very strong cruiser and possibly the new tier 9 king. Only time will tell.



  1. Carbine Carlito

    Hello and welcome once again everyone, today’s video features the new tier 9 Russian cruiser Riga and is possibly one of the strongest tech tree cruisers at tier 9. Featuring strong armor and some of the best AP penetration values and shell arcs makes Riga incredibly dangerous. This video also features a giveaway for the premium Russian cruiser Pyotr Bagration so make sure you follow the instructions in the video to enter and good luck to you all. I hope you enjoy the video and let me know in the comments what you think and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

    • ShadowRifter Gaming

      I must admit I am saving my general exp for when they release this ship will have to learn how to play the kiters play style I prefer either my sneaky dds or brawling battleships so kiting will be something new for me so thanks for showing me some of the kiting style

  2. P. Bagration Giveaway
    IGN: Capt_Nemesis
    Server: Asia

  3. Ign: Sophie_Gardner, server: Asia

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    IGN: TheSleazySloth
    Server: NA

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    IGN: Hobnail
    Server: Asia

  11. Can’t help but notice you did not comment on the fact that she, at least in my considered opinion, the best looking of the Russian cruisers coming during this switch.

    In fact, I’d go as far as to call her one of the best looking ships in the game.

    P. Bagration Giveaway
    IGN: Lafeel
    Server: EU

    Take it I can still enter even though I have a one right? 😛

    • Carbine Carlito

      Of course Lafeel, it’s free to enter for all subs. TBH I was on the fence on saying it looked so good, Not everyone will get the premium camo as it takes a fair bit of grinding but you are correct, it’s a fine looking ship. I was more impressed with it’s actual performance😉

  12. P. Bagration Giveaway
    IGN: The_stork

    Server: NA

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    IGN: iYa7ioo
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    Your Tallinn video helped me understand how to play it, thank you!

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  17. Matthew Baraclough

    P. Bagration giveaway
    IGN: DevilWarshipper
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    Good to hear you are on twitch, off to follow now!

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