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If you’d like to take part in the contest, here are the conditions:

We’ll vet new participants thoroughly and announce them in two weeks!

Want more info? Check out the World of Warships website!


  1. Did gray just slap that bag)

  2. jingles all the way

  3. So what about contributers who don’t do videos like LittleWhiteMouse

  4. World of Warships Official Channel

    If you are our contibutor and would like to take part in the contest, here are the conditions:

    1)Make a video explaining why you deserve to become the most worthy Commander and throw down a challenge to the other participants
    2)Upload this video on your YouTube channel with the #IAMCOMMANDER hashtag in the video title
    Deadline: October 23, 13:59 (UTC-7)
    Stay tuned for news and get ready to watch Commander battles where your favorite community contributor will compete for the right to be immortalized in World of Warships! We’ll vet new participants thoroughly and announce them in two weeks!

  5. Let’s hope they did something about the scaling too so that guy that uploads for his 10 friends doesn’t get a billion points for each view. People should not be discouraged to watch the vids of other contributers, but if it means they get thousands of points per view compared to the person you want to win… Good thing they split Russian and English, though.

  6. WG pls gib raging flamu captain

  7. poor guy doing pull ups faded after his 3rd on camera LUL

  8. Dammit Jingles, make a freaking video this time! Get on it man!

  9. Jingles!!!!

  10. Jingles really is the natural choice, he has his own hat you know

  11. I just want my voice over to say “…and that’s a paddlin’ ” for any devastating strike – can we skip the contest and just do that please ? 😀

  12. Did Grey just exit the men’s changing room/wardrobe? Was that a coming out of the closet kind of thing?

  13. CCs vote for each other to pick the winner, community support and outreach is meaningless, it’s all about who’s been playing nice with the other CCs.
    I won’t even bother, my priority has always been my subscribers and viewers. Hope Jingles wins it, but then again, any bunch of CCs can work together and rig this, there’s no real guarantee. Jingles is probably the most deserving winner but who knows what the NA CCs might pick for example.

    • Because Squirrel would win… and those calling for a flaming potato would be butthurt. The victory of the former may make more of the Youtube audience happy, but the latter more players. And which is more?….. – Confucious

    • You are the one ignoring The community. The community vote can only save a person ONCE, just ONCE. How is this supposed to be a community event, when the community has such little to no say in the matter.

    • Wait, Wut? Why even make this public? Sorry WG, not really interested. If my input has no effect, why should I bother following it?

      Talk about a missed community engagement opportunity.

    • NO FLAMING POTATO!?!??!!!?
      Then jingles it is…
      Or ichase

  14. Thanks for listening to the public Wargaming. One of the ideas that was coming up all the time was that of dividing the event between markets. You listened and at least I thank you for it.

  15. Give me jingles or hans

  16. So your solution was to turn it into a LITERAL popularity contest between the CCs themselves. I am in awe of this joke.

  17. Honestly, the whole contest thing is stupid. Just let them ALL do voiceovers, and let US pick the ones we want.

  18. WG, I appreciate the contest which will probably be hilarious to watch but just give us Jingles automatically. Random stuff might happen and he might fail. People just want jingles. It’s okay. Just give us Jingles, please. Maybe another one as bonus. Or give us a new CC commander every half year or at the end of each fiscal quarter? Commander Hans? Captain Flaming Potato? A little white mouse captaining a ship? Or a Notser commander who gets bonuses for ramming islands that don’t move out of his way.

  19. Complaints from the first contest
    1) Different regions speak different languages and so votes are based on region — Kinda check. Would still like maybe a south american bracket and an asian bracket. But English vs Russian is a good start.
    2) The scoring was basically meaningless making the smallest CC the winner — Wut? You somehow removed the fans, viewers and players entirely from the contest and just made it a popularity vote between the CCs themselves…I didnt think you could create a dumber scoring system…but here we are

  20. ok, so when Jingles inevitably wins this, can he remain at the rank of ‘Rear Admiral’ regardless of how many points he has?

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