RIP battleships – Shimakaze in World of Warships – Trenlass

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Hello boys and girls. In this particular Shimakaze you will see a situation where some poor fella ate a lot of . Thank you for all the support. Stay safe and healthy.


  1. Reccomendation: dont play ranked this season. Its so bad.

    I have 14% winrate, 144k avarage dmg, and ”unicum” personal raring. I didnt even think such a thing was possible….

  2. Hot Girls Video XXX

    Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

  3. Rushing B?

    Isn’t that a Russian thing? 😛

    • In Mother Russian no one is rushing B-lyat, they only point it out by following it with ”Cyka!” or ”Пиздец” 😉

  4. Trenlass, i am not complying just trying to be constructive. This game is the first that I watched from you that is actually kind of boring

  5. For some reason, even when your butt gets shot off in game, I always enjoy your DD or CL vids. Thanks for another fun vid!

  6. Smartass. Alle Achtung! 6:47

  7. No 1080p unless you use youtube app on android. 720p max. Thats horseshit to force you to ads every 5 mins. Im binning subscriptions now because of it. Are you aware trenlass?. Its fubar.

    • no i am actually not. sorry to hear that :/ i dont do that, same for the ads. I put them on of course, but I dont get why there are sometimes like 1 or so many 🙁 I wish i could change that.

    • Same on my iphone, i dont mind the one ad at the start as youtube dictate that on almost every post i think, but flamu and rusev dont have interrupting ads every 5 mins and still post in 1080p. you and flambas have the res knocked down to 720p outside of the youtube app now. i find it pants and refuse to watch shite ads 3 times per 15-20min post. (I’d watch shite TV if i wanted that). i know you need to make money bud maybe endorse products or post links instead?. good content and humour in your posts though bud. Thanks for the reply also. cheers. (Scrub the rusev bit, he’s knocking it down to 720p also, so only Robin and Flamu that arnt i think), unless you submit to youtube ad fest on the app version.

  8. Michael Søndergaard

    well you did get the fire on that yama at the end there:-)
    whats with the “stay hyrated?” a meme you have going?
    at any rate. good game

  9. Water??? That looks like Vodka you are chugging straight from the bottle lol.

  10. Noob, Not even 20km torps. L2P trenlass

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