RIP Ranked World of Warships Players.

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RIP Ranked World of Warships Players.
So in today’s video we’re going to be going through some of the players that you’ll more than likely meet in your time playing ranked in world of warships, I hope you enjoy!
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  1. I like your style. Sober and funny. Keep it up!

  2. I have 192k average damage in ranked so yeah even when I loss the game 80% of games im top of the team so keep my star. I don’t even play as a team any more WG makes team play a chore so I literally only play for my self now and that is because no one else does so why should I. If we loss i don’t care as ill likely be top of the team unless a dd gets 3 caps or something but that’s rare and if a dd does get alot of caps etc then we win anyway. Only time I will ever play as a team in wows now adays is in clan matches. Honestly couldn’t careless about random players in ranked and random battles play for yourself and you’ll enjoy the game more as I found out most players only play for themselves anyway

    • Before update 10.0 i would play ranked with secondary builds as i found that to be fun but now after the update everyone is super passive, had a few games where a Thunderer had a gearing 8km away from him, he fires HE at the BB 24km away instead of the DD, gets sunk and then blames the team for not taking out the DD in front of him. I was playing Harugumo, had sunk 3 ships, caped 2 of 3 caps did over 200k avg dmg and loose constantly, most loss i had in a session is 35 losses in a row while retaining my star.

    • @Elder Lich Just insane now to play and CVs don’t make it any better fact is nothing can counter them apart from other CVs they break the game and only adds to passive play. hence why I don’t even care for the teams anymore 90% of the time people just want to do their own thing anyway. Even if you try to give advice on how to win games something thats usually straight forward they ignore you then blame you for their mistake. Game is a chore to play now and unless WG actually sorts the problems out and I mean fast the game will die at it’s current rate. Iv’e had 11 friends who had 8k+ games each and literally 100s if not 1000s invested in real life money quit the game and they have zero interest in ever coming back all because of Wg and their arrogance especially when it comes to CVs and their out right broken mechanics. Doesn’t help the new commander rework has broke the game even more to the point they literally just outdone 3 years of balancing straight out the window with just this one patch. He spam is even worse, CVs are even more powerful and dead eye has turned every single BB player in the game into a sniper ROFL the game is a joke now the commander rework might be the final nail in the coffin and the funny thing is testers literally WARNED them about the commander rework and how much it breaks the game but in their arrogance they released it anyway and showed everyone the middle finger. .

  3. nice vid, I am glad I did not play that mode hahahaha

  4. u forgot one type of players- the thunderer players who can be hyper passive by spamming HE from behind whole match and still be at the top of the team irrespective of winning or losing side.

    • Yeah, this video was put together a little bit before 0.10.0 so I might have to make another one focusing on some of the “interesting” balance changes.

    • after this new update 10.0 every BB is a long range SNIPER, i havent had a game where the BB is within 15km of the RED SHIPS.


    the way you present this game is refreshing, and relaxing? anyway, it was fun to watch throughout the whole duration of the video

  6. cmon we all know this game is 1v13 in ranked Ez wins dude xDD

  7. Think anyone would watch videos of a below average player that tends to get wrecked? lol

  8. Nice vid, my only ranked experience was the tier 8 ranked 1v1s. Those were fun.

  9. Yeah, ranked and randoms are basically two different games within the same game.

  10. Is it being a false unicum when you place 2nd or 1st every ranked and still lose with 2 kills to your name but bitchr at your team? But your WR is 55%

  11. This needs more views

  12. CynicallyObnoxious

    I kinda like it Im a little mixed on it over all still hand holds shitters who can fail their way through it and get carried but on the plus side “I know this is a point of salty contention” Im glad they nerfed the steel of ranked into the dirt

  13. evening. i started playing n streaming wows about 5 weeks ago. i mostly do co op n haven’t gotten a high enough tier ship for ranked. since the update every t5 + random i enter i get killed so fast by bbs that i find it pointless to play random and from the vids n streams of other players iv watched i dont think id do any better in ranked.

    • @Federicox6 i agree as a noob i need more practice, but every time i try random below t5 the waiting times r stupid long n every time i try above t5 i get snipped by bbs b4 i even see them. Due work n kids i only get to play n stream 4 a couple of hrs on an evening so as im trying to build my viewer base i dont have time to grind n practice Outside of my stream. I still do some lower tier randoms when i dont have to wait more then a few mins but i cant keep viewers if waiting times go on too long. Thanks for your advice.

    • @sceptic46 no offense, but I’m pretty sure that the viewer base comprised of people who want to watch co-op is pretty scarce.

    • @mihaitha i stream on fb n only have 87 followers as i only started about 6 wks ago 😛 i stream other games 2 but till i get bored with it wows is my main game.

    • @sceptic46 good for you. Just out of curiosity, how many viewers do you normally get when playing wows?

    • @mihaitha iv had as many as 478 whilst streaming but average around 70 – 100 ish. Most dont watch for long maybe a couple of mins but its a start. Im guna try low tier random again tonight cos as others have stated i need the practice ;p.

  14. Am I the only who keep losing after reaching gold league?

    • i too experience that, played 100 games won less than 20 games making my WR about 20%, seems MM is always drunk and places me on a team of potatoes and the Red Team a bunch of Unicum, i checked the stats of my team mates and the Red team too and found the average cv on my team had a 30% WR and Red CV had a 65-90% WR.

    • @Elder Lich I’m sure there’s something about the mm that they aren’t telling us.

    • No, you’re not. Best I could get in gold is rank 9 one star.

  15. Make videos of funny shit that chat says. Find the super unicum players and roast them!

  16. Average player, right here!

  17. Very nice

  18. Whereabouts are you from? Thought it sounded like northern irish but I’m a bit shite with accents

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