Rogue Wave: Sink them all! | World of Warships

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Nine modified destroyers in a brand new four- mode, an array of post-apocalyptic camouflages, and enclosing Wall of Fire that forces close-quarters brawls.

Post-apocalypse now! Can you survive the fight between four teams?

Keep an eye out on the official website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


    • Thank you for the Event Wargaming. One question, when are we getting the Italian Navy ?

    • An opportunity at not one but two free premium ships (Benham and Hill), and a chance at a free T10 perm camo!!? This is Amaze Balls!!!!!

  1. Hmm Im Never See This Lol But Ok When In Upgrade

  2. and this is what happens when you remove tire 5 aircraft carriers from noobs

  3. Mad Max: Sea Edition

  4. So it’s like battle royal

  5. good good but earning steel with this will be awesome

  6. The post apocalyptic look is spot on

  7. World of Warships 2077

  8. Fix the game first. Then ad more to it.

  9. Society Of Gaming

    Looks like Mad Max on sea,really amazing! Good work Devs!


  11. Ooo another temporary gamemode what Happened to scenario battle rip

  12. War. War never changes.

  13. Tankcrafter RingRing

    Some of the visuals remind me of World of Tanks: Mercenaries….

    I’m a console player, if you’re asking…

  14. Please make a skin for my Großer Kurfürst! It would look epic..

  15. David Chrysostom

    Can wait to win some of those permanent camos

  16. Mad max of the high seas = Waterworld. =D

  17. Not gonna lie too,the beginning makes it look like a Battle Royale mode

  18. “WITNESS ME!!!” As I ram the enemy ship

  19. What was the name of the music in the background?

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