Roma Rampage – World of Warships

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Another great game in my Roma where the enemy has a great advantage but good teamwork and focus leads to a nice competitive match. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Italian Battleship Roma Replay – Warships Invite – Discord Server


  1. Reduced damage on destroyer for high caliber AP shells…..begins the video with 2 hits on a DD causing 5220 damage

  2. Jesus christ that camo… Pls remove it.

    • Ivan Buncic it wouldn’t be so bad without the beer can on top. That’s what stopped me from buying this ship when it came out.

  3. cruiser broadsides on roma are useless u need them to angle to make dmg xD

  4. I hate that camo

  5. The ultimate Swagger

    Happy thanks giving to everyone!

  6. Had some Nice games in mine. 3 days ago a Musashi tried to rush me. He got a citadel though the bow. It was the last thing he did, sine i used the speed and turret traverse to first snapping 2 cits through the front cit armor, then getting another With the back-turret before a friendly took him out 🙂

  7. So, why does the Roma have that ugly cigar looking radar mast (maybe?) on top of the superstructure. I can’t find any pictures of the original ship with it. It’s a real eyesore.

  8. Roma is a disappointment honestly. It maneuvers well, has good armor, but it’s ballistics or sigma is just bad. If it had good dispersion, it would be a good ship… as is, it’s just not that good. Last, the special camo is UGLY! That can needs to go, otherwise it looks good. I’m just hoping the line has good dispersion like Gulio Caesare when it comes out in the next 18 months.

  9. Anyone else think the commentary was a bit off on this one?

  10. Kinda sick of the game, pur broadside AP salvo doing less damage than AP salvos into superstructure. Makes sense.

  11. Who the hell thought that silly water tower was a good idea? :/

  12. Usernamesarebunk420

    sees beer can, closes video…….

  13. Happy thanks giving to EVERYONE !!
    Hugs from me Zerra

  14. The canister ruins it aesthetically. If you look at the real Roma it does not look like a canister.

  15. The Vanguard makes the Roma look like a tier 6-7.. the Vanguard pretty much does all the Roma does but better.. other than the extra gun.. but shit its dispersion is just hilarious.

  16. its sad that this beautiful ship is ruined by this shitty camo

  17. I call it the Pope Boat when it has that skin on the Roma

  18. The Roma is stupidly tanky if played correctly. I love it! A bit more accuracy would be nice since the range is so low. But she still performs for me at least.

  19. Roma guns works excellent against heavy amored BBs (Germans)

  20. 4:00 No Notser pulled, but playing big-boy BB against 6 enemy ships. Can we come up with a name for this?

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