ROMA vs MUSASHI || World of Warships

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  1. 12:23 guys

  2. tell wargaming they should accept bitcoin

  3. Try to vs Conqueror lol

  4. Faced two yammy in my Roma during a cyclone, bouncing 460 shells on left yammy, citadelled city on the right. Never underestimate a Roma at close quarters!

  5. that musashi is low skill player. Every Yammy’s players must know that never let enemy flank to his 2nd turret lol. The weakness on Yammy’s 2nd turret is need to refix to reduce super Devating Damage

    • Arya Sidauruk i see. But with IJN CVs strike force is always better and recommend bcz fast servicing time. And thier Jap fighters can not beat US fighter if they know when need strafe and dogfighting

    • The weakspot is not a bug. It’s intentional. In Yamato/Musashi, you get into a good position to support your team and pressure the enemy team without overextending. If the enemy is flanking you, you relocate. As long as you’re well angled, you’re extremely tanky.

    • No, that’s you assuming that is a low skill or inexperienced player just because he/she made a mistake. ARP_Yamato have more than 1k battles combined with Yamato and Musashi, and it’s actually between the top 30 players for the NA server for Musashi (#16 for avg dmg).
      Anyone can make some mistakes like this even being experienced in the ship (i know that i do), so it’s not nice to just say that he/she is a potato or wallet warrior just for that =/

    • They didn’t flank to his 2nd turret, he just showed them broadside.

    • Kekel Man biggest weakness is right below 2nd turret. Not entire her boardside 🙂


    • Panzerknacker objected. That Musashi is drunk. Musashi can’t be defeat so easily like that if he know to cover his bow weakness 🙁

  7. Roma is a good ship against other BB (especially yamato) , but every CA you face is an overpen and his dispersion is horrible …

  8. MooingWar Channel

    I’m italian

  9. that salvo is incredible!!

  10. how to play yammy/musashi: showing broadside to enemy means pretty much saying “I don’t want to play this game any longer”

  11. INORA Kurbanbaeva

    Хорошая реклама. Всё равно не куплю

  12. It’s Italy vs Japan

  13. Will Roma be available for purchase again soon?

  14. I hate my roma. Uneffctive but quick turning turrets. You overpen broadside driving cruisers…as you can watch typicall into the video. There is no special for the roma. Maybe the unreliable guns.

  15. ^^This guy is conservative with his salvos

  16. no surprise … when a Yamato/Musashi shown her broadside free at cqc it will be easy for another BB’s to erase her in 1 salvo … still good job

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