Rooke Murdering EVERYONE – World of Warships F2P

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This was probably the best match I had in this ship, and I do NOT consider this a good or reliable ship whatsoever, but this time it just worked so well.

Also if you are looking at the WoT goal and thinking WTF when did that happen, it happened after I posted my YT video about it, YOU guys CRUSHED it and at this point I am not sure if WG will be able to compensate for all the new guys in terms of payment xD Well done and thank you so much 😉

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  1. Still wish they would give Hood her torpedo tubes

  2. This vid reminds me of why you’re my favourite streamer 😊

  3. 8 years of wows and people still show full broadside right infront of you, ridiculous,. Anyway nice hit on that poor little Sims.

  4. All of the good RNG you had at the beginning couldn’t overcome that built in CV protection bias.

  5. Love storms for DD.

  6. “Here’s a sub so you have to suffer through the dad jokes with the rest of us!”
    Only on Flambass stream folks.. :))

  7. Still glad i got to pull a second place on that match. 😅 After the second dev Strike i realized i had Flambass on my team and made the decision that such a poor performance should not end up on Youtube. “my team is killing everything all of a sudden” yeah… Beeing recorded motivates. ggs btw (Urus_agrin)

  8. Nice to see you having a good time playing this game again. It has been awhile.

  9. just wait untill he unlocks hawke,. the slapping will be even crazier

  10. Damn that was satisfying to watch

  11. This music is missing a few essential quotes:
    – Wargaming, what were you thinking?
    – Daddy’s home!
    – Speshuuuul!
    – Suck a noodle
    – Mothertrucker
    – …cking carriers!

  12. Virtually took out an entire flank alone and the game was still up in the air. You can’t make it up.

  13. 6:15 It’s no longer to be seen on sea surface, but minimap still shows more than well that peak carnage around you…
    EDIT: Also, this is most likely your most funny video I’ve managed to watch so far. Well done and well played.

  14. Gavery it is my kind request you to continue the dad jokes XD and give us the fun on YT

  15. GEE GEE, man!
    What a game!

    – – Spiloer alert – –

    Summary: You get one shotted, you get one shotted and YOU get one shotted, too, mother truckers! 😂

  16. Accurate, punchy guns on a Tier VII battleship. Thought that wasn’t allowed. . .

  17. If only Rooke on the Legends version was good. Legends tier 5 consist of mostly 356’s and Rooke can’t even tank those.

  18. always watching you flambino…fan here from PHILIPPINES

  19. James Copley - Resoldier

    Wow, that was awesome!!!

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