Roosevelt and Paolo Emilio are Bad Guys – World of Warships – Best of Twitch 29

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships gameplay moments from Twitch clips during the first week of October 2020.

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Where? –
14:42 Mr__Gibbins – Paolo doing Paolo things.


  1. Ahh yiss more WoWs compilation

  2. FreetheBrain - Best of Twitch

    Hello everyone, hope you enjoy the Paolo Emilio, FDR, and Bad Guy memes… If you want to support the channel or just can’t live without that HMS Hood Hoodie, you can find a collection of designs made by yours truly here: :3

  3. Oh…Thank you

  4. Oh hell yeah I love the wows comps. Keep it up man!

  5. 8:09 I like how she pronounced Marceau as Mar-cure.

  6. glad to see daddy ingen make an appearance

  7. I see jake finally made it, about time

  8. Great Video! Thank you for doing all the work!

  9. Isn’t gibbins also the guy who inted his planes into Worcester flak to prove that AA was too strong?

    • Dude has 0 clue about game balance. Ppl watch him because unlike the other big streamers he seems to be the guy who is the least frustrated with the game and thats it

    • wheter you like him or not you have to admit that he is always happy and that’s so amazing too see so much happyness in someone

    • @Fleau_19 yeep most of the time you just want to watch ppl have fun and i can understand that. Wish he understood the broken elements of the game, acknowledged it and still proceeded to enjoy though 😛

    • Indeed, a few ships I’ve heard Gibbins called utter garbage, Thunderer, FDR, Halland, Kremlin, Manfred

    • @alex broström xD Ha, Thunderer and Halland are on the list what. lmao

  10. The Denarmo stream was a good stream

  11. Good one as always 🙂 See some of my “clips” got there too 😉

  12. Wtf is this music. Better then the original at least!

  13. Keep them videos coming sir for they do make me lmao.

  14. 19:26
    Best part of the video. No doubt. Great work. Thumbs up. :’D

  15. We made it boys..
    We made it…

    What do you call a package of documents sent via boat?
    Pier to pier file transfer!

  16. Best collection of best moments. weldone 😀

  17. 7:58 I hope he gets a cramp by flexing his cavs it would be funny

  18. Impossible not to laugh at these, really cool stuff

  19. Michael Søndergaard

    not sure what to say, so fast info. got a new discord so ive joined your server again anew.
    good job as always

  20. I like how as soon as a carrier requires any degree or skill mr gibbins will hate it no matter how broken it is

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