Rooting for World of Warships Failure

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I understand criticism. We need to criticize and do it constructively. What I don’t understand and have never understood is the contingent of players openly hoping for the game’s failure.


  1. Well put. I appreciate that when you criticize you try to do it constructively. Even if sometimes I don’t agree with you.

  2. I could not agree more than that. Always wondered the same about haters. Yes, we can say what is not working but when it is toxic it just turn off the people trying to have a good time. It is a game after all, not a life or death situation. People need to keep that in perspective.

  3. They get frustrated trying to get their stacks of cash into their wallets

    What are the good changes to the game they have made lately?

    I’ll they’ll you why i get upset at wargaming and predict failure. I was a giant WOT player.

    They killed that game for me and I see the exact thing happening in WOWs.

  4. Agreed. My only eternal complaint is… please fix MM. 1 sided match 8 out of 10 is horrible.

  5. I‘m in no way rooting for WoWs‘ failure, but I‘m concerned about the game. And this leads to massive criticism from my side.
    You said yourself, that the people you know are dedicated to the game but aren’t involved in the monetization. Don’t let yourself be blinded by that, because a lot of the current problems in the game are caused by exactly that topic. NTC (one and two), the handling of the CV reeework, the lootbox mania. All those negative points are driven by money, and influence the game in a negative way. What use are people dedicated to make a game work when all those efforts are pushed away by predatory and shameless monetization tactics?
    I want WoWs to succeed and keep going strong, but I won’t keep my mouth shut about topics that are worrying to me.

  6. Joao Miguel Larguito Claro Patrofias

    Love this game and Wargaming designed it so I can criticize some aspects of the game, but I think overall they do a pretty good job. I have 555 days left of premium because I think I still be playing this game for quite some time to come

  7. Unfortunately the nastiness and vulgarity of so many players is a sad indicator of today’s society.

  8. Small suggestion, turn off the game music when you’re doing a video broadcast. It sometimes made it tough to understand what you’re saying and it doesn’t add to anything.

  9. “We need to criticize and do it constructively.” “we don’t need you” One of these things is not like the other Zoup.

    • Indeed.

      When the company censors your account because you posted constructive feedback without insults or rants…merely because they didnt like the feedback…

      …it shows that they dont really want constructive feedback.

  10. kein ding yo

    its kind of weird to say “i dont get why people root for failure” and then proceed to tell us how you root for your teams failure in sports.
    its the exact same thing, we hate it because we love it.

  11. Follow the three and three rule for balance.
    Three improves, three sustains.

  12. I am happy to say when I think WG don’t get things right, but I will say when I think they’ve done a good job and ultimately I do enjoy WOWS and always appreciate that WG are always adding new content and trying new things.
    Good on you for calling out those people trying to turn the community toxic.

  13. I never thought you were being overly critical and disrespectful in any way. Like Notser and yourself. You have those moments where you are just shaking your head and asking “why Wargaming” lol. But, you’re right it’s numerous factors for these people that wish I’ll harm to the game and which in turn affects the community. I always stamp it down in the chat when I can. I go after those critical of others gameplay in the game as well. To combat such a negative driving force you just have to yell just as loud to what is great about the game.

    Players might be upset that they might not be as good as they thought they were. Not have developed constructive ways to be critical in a way which can breed positive outcomes. Etc etc. But what I am finding and what the premise of you video is that we’ve heard it over and over again the steady rant of defeatism by this crowd. Players are tired of this never ending chant. So to minimize this effect I would say this. Either kill them with the kindness and support of the community. Or just don’t buy into the hate.

    If these people who wish I’ll harm to the game are so righteous then why haven’t they developed a product that is better. If they see so many glaring aspects of the game to which has its fate doomed to a life expectancy of only a year. Then branch out create a game in which captures all of the so called failures of warships and create the pinnacle of multiplayer gaming and the utopian epicentre to all which is righteous and holy in the failures you so adamantly press warships on.

    The fact is that it is easier to destroy than create. Easier to criticize then committing to help. And I’m not speaking to Zoup of your critical analysis but of the doom sayers and the ill wishes upon the community. They know who they are. So put up or shut up.

  14. This is definitely a thing. I found myself there for a week or two after they took away old CVs, which is part of why I took a break despite the obvious main reason. I was a bit bitter and felt they made the game worse for bad reasons. If you find yourself there, you should probably take a short break too. Vindictiveness is dangerously addictive.

    Overall its a great game and I want to think of it that way whenever I start up a set of matches.

  15. I come from cbt days… this game is not like it was then…. I love the game but I rail against it…. I hope n prey they can move back to the glory days of cbt war… no fear all out gun fights….. where bb’s lead the fight….. dds spotted n sneak around for that great torp shot… cruisers supporting the bb n defending the dds…. to me that is wows… its just a dream but oh what a dream it is….

  16. i always offer better solutions for WG issues and hope they will implement them…but they rarely do :/
    i want them to succeed but they make it hard

  17. How is offering an OP ship like Ohio that will possibly give an advantage in clan battles behind an absurd re-grind wall ok? It is of the utmost importance that tier 10 be balanced and all ships can be earned equally for an even playing field in clan battles. Is that toxic or wanting the game to fail? You can’t deny the game is heading more towards pay to win. The game is struggling to retain players, so how can you think it’s a good idea to offer potentially OP ships to the few willing to pay and spend months re-grinding lines? WG should be focusing on new players. The monetization of this game has gone down hill in just one year. Players feel like they aren’t being heard (because we aren’t), so where is the evidence of people hoping the game fails? I see players tired of WG’s antics.

  18. Redskins !?!? ???
    Come over to the Raider Nation….THEN you’ll have something to complain about…

  19. Id love a PVE WOWS that had 200% less RNG, that took PVE way more serious.

  20. “We don’t need you.”. OK. Got it.

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