Royal Defender of CAPs – Mino 8 Kills – World of Warships

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  1. im fast af boyyyyyyyy

  2. First comment.
    Well, this is a pretty good game played by this captain, when defending that zone of capture of enemies that were entered, especially from that destroyer at minute 9:13, although I do not stop thinking that this commander was also lucky on his side, since in more than a moment they could have destroyed him, but I think he was lucky that his enemies chose to ignore him until it was too late.
    So I dare say that those deaths made by this Minotaur were more a combination of skill and luck than pure skill.

  3. Scroll zoomer ?

  4. Can I see the Captain build

  5. The game was good but was such a mess…the positioning, and the scroll zoom makes it impossible to watch

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