ROYAL Devastation – 8kills AP CONQ || World of Warships

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  1. Sick video keep it up?

  2. Uchuu senkan Connnnnqqqqqqeeeerrroooorrrrr

  3. With that OP shi(t)p? Not so hard to play…

    • Lmao you get burned in seconds if focused even with the bs heal
      Your cooldowns are so long
      And hp is ridiculous
      What more do you want lmao

    • +Underviv It could happen to any BB, if they rush in, so your comment is lol…

    • Lol, does your Monty burns down to death always? Conq is vulnerable to focus fire because every shell pens, the armor is too thin. I’m not going to explain why your are wrong, I prefer to play day and night with the conq to fuck people’s lives

  4. respect for using Ap 😉 good play

  5. Nice game with many noobs (special thanks to the musashi which is totally broadside) and stolen kills.

  6. Russian Bias always protect.

    Ahhh Conqueror players are involving! They are becoming more dangerous and unpredictable! TAKE COVER!

  7. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Love how Conqueror despite the short fuse can citadel Yamato sisters only because their main belt counts as citadel whereas the Montana one was lowered And yeah I still thing a citadel like Montana should be goo for Yamato Not like the slow turret traverse and low number of guns already prevents them to going brawl as effectively as some other BBs Nevertheless, awesome game

  8. Haha I know this guy, he is a friend of mine in game. Excellent player. GG Nishi!

  9. You can literally see how low the current meta in this game has dropped – we congratulate people for using AP.

    In a BB.

  10. Wtf its me or I play on no show broadside servers all the time. A lot of this replays have players giving broadside at 6 km, and not even moving when they get shoot.

  11. One of the few Conqueror captains who use mainly AP over HE.

  12. This is how the Conq is suppose to be played.

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