Royal Navy Cruiser Stats! – World Of Warships

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The is coming to ! But what will they be like?

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  1. I think the British CLs will be comparable to the Japanese. IJN will have
    slightly better torpedoes, especially at lower tiers, better armour at
    higher tiers and of course bigger guns. But the RN will have better AA,
    better rof slightly better detection, somewhere between IJN CLs and Russian
    DDs. The 152 mm RN guns might even get a slightly better range than the IJN
    203s. This would not be unheard of looking at Russian 152 mm CLs. But they
    I would guess the RN will have an arch more like the IJN to make them stand
    out a little from the Russian 152 mm CLs.

  2. kemuning kemuning


  3. Alessandro Pierro

    What wil be the Tier of the HMS Belfast

  4. I see a lot of Cleveland style cruisers up from tier7. If this is the case
    … im gonna love the line.

  5. I don’t think you have the right “Black Swan” — the one you showed has one
    mast, whereas the small image on the sneak peak seems to show two.

  6. Concerning the torpedoes, they will have a nice range of 10km and go 52kn.
    In game WG increases torpedo speed by 20kn (from 32-52kn for the RN
    torpedoes for example) They also take the middle range for cruiser
    torpedoes and leave the long range torpedoes for the destroyers. Torpedoes
    are the only thing in game that we can know ahead of time for sure how they
    will perform. Thanks to our local number cruncher Fro5ty on the NA forums
    we also have relatively accurate formula’s for hitpoints and shell and
    torpedo damage as well. Of course WG may (and probably will) fudge some
    numbers here and there but we can come up with a very accurate way of
    guessing how they will look statistically in game. If you want the formulas
    I can get them to you. :)

  7. Met you yesterday in game and we won! (Hochmagandy)
    Can’t believe RN Cruisers are finally coming and it just so happened to be
    you making this video! :D

  8. Almost all the torp tubes on RN ships both CL/CA and BB were fixed and
    submerged, so unlikely to be seen in game

  9. Look like nothing over 6 inch guns. Look like a light cruiser line with
    most of the ships having dual purpose 6 inch guns.

    Have you been to visit HMS Belfast? I went to see her a few years ago…
    Quite the experience

  10. Fairy Seafox was a recon biplane

  11. Hmmm 3 town class light cruisers in the same line release

  12. Good vid earl )

  13. Great infos man. Thx

  14. Campbeltown has 7.5km range with her old Mk4 torpedoes, whereas all the
    cruisers in WW2 will be using the much better MK9, ao would presume they
    would be longer range. Neptune is basically a 15,000 ton Colony with better
    armour, semi-auto guns ( the MK24 6″ ) with a high rate of fire and 12 x
    4.5″ secondaries (6 x 2)…the tier 10 Cruiser is basically a RN Worcester
    with 5 fully auto turrets for twin 6″ ( 20 rounds per minute ) as fitted to
    HMS Tiger …there is an excellent vid up on youtube of HMS Tiger’s trials
    where it shows her running at 34.6 Knots….and the 6″ and the auto 3″
    firing ( the 3″ were 114 rounds per minute…)…a good vid, well done.

  15. The Tier IX and X were paper designs. Neptune was the proposed lead ship of
    the Tier IX. They were cancelled in 1946. Originally designed to be 5.25
    inch Cruisers, the design evolved into 12 x 6inch guns (4 turrets), 32
    knots, 12 x 4.5inch secondary’s (6 turrets). The guns were all classed as
    high angle which I believe means they were used in the anti air role where
    possible. It displaced 15560 tonnes which sounds very heavy for a Cruiser.
    The Tier X were a replacement for the Tier IX. However, they followed the
    same tortuous path and were eventually cancelled. They were not supposed to
    be bigger and more capable as far as I can tell. Their were various
    configurations suggested which I suspect would have been reflected in hull
    upgrades if they weren’t tier 10s. However, as a Tier X, I suspect the
    final design they will go with would be the featuring 10 6inch guns in 5
    dual mounts and a lot of 3inch secondary’s in the AA role, perhaps as many
    as 8 quad barrelled mounts. It also had torps. One note, though. The
    Minotaur’s guns could fire every 3 seconds. That’s 200 6inch shells a
    minute. I can’t see them running with that, 10 6inch guns firing at the
    speed a Gearing does sounds OP. We should expect high rates of fire,

  16. Wow that was fast! I think you’re miles ahead of all the other youtubers
    with this, don’t see anyone even acknowledging these bad boys yet! Nice

  17. finally but I secretly hoped that WG would do UK BB’s First :P

  18. iamareallybadgamer Xbox, ps4, pc,

    great video mate and some great info

  19. I think the last one i heard about the Torpedotubes on Ships was that WG
    only implements torpedo tubes who can move, most torpedotubes in WW1 were
    immovable torpedotubes to the sides or to the bow.

    Because if they would they had to give most of the lowtier BBs torpedotubes

  20. looking forward to it..

  21. That’s depressing, they’ve gone with a line of light cruisers so they’ll
    all be HE spammers, I’ve always found that playstyle the most boring of the
    cruisers, it takes all the difficulty of having to pick the right ammo for
    the right engagement away, I really wanted my County-class ships :/

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