ROYAL NAVY DD Icarus – 6 kills – Torpedoes the sun || World of Warships

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  1. Good, good, good but look who we have here? The British destroyers huh? They look interesting, especially for the ability to throw torpedoes indidivually, I wonder what other national tricks this particular line will have? On the other hand, where are the Italian technological tree Wargaming? You, Wargaming, had promised an Italian technological tree before the end of 2018 or something like this last year …

  2. Good played, good ship, superb captain.

  3. Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

    This video is a good example of why I do not play World Of Warshit anymore. From Wargaming flooding the game with monstrously OP ships turning the game from a free to play to a pay to win experience to the really low skilled player base. This game was typical of the lopsided roflstompings you see game after game after game.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Icarus isn’t even a pay-to-win ship. The guns alone struggle to deal significant damage to non-DDs without IFHE, and will lose aim easily during full turning. The smoke itself is closer to the German ones, you can only use it for disengaging. The torpedoes can only reach 7km when upgraded, you only have 1km window with camo + CE.

      I’ve been playing both gun-oriented & torpedo-oriented destroyers, but I have to say Icarus (or the whole RN DD line) requires higher skill floor to play decently.

    • It’s going to be the regular tech tree ship, how do you call that pay to win???

    • Git Gut Noob

    • The game is garbage best thing i ever did was un install that shit game

    • +keith benson So why are you watching videos about it then? Idiot!

  4. Finally a good gameplay without using an OP ship like harugumo or worcester, greetings to this player and as well to the smoke weed everyday consumable that was very important for this score 🙂

  5. Oooh nice.

  6. Op pls buff

  7. Cinema sins would hate your intro.

  8. nice game… well done

  9. European server? Always seem to be full of people who have no idea how to play, this guy takes advantage of that, hats off to him

  10. Man. I loved that intro. Beautiful.

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