ROYAL NAVY ORION 9 KILLS || World of Warships

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  1. naaaah low tier Royal BB not OP 😛

  2. No witherer, RN needs buffs

  3. Orion is tier 4 ship, but I achieved highest ship average damage with hers, even my amagi is slightly lower than hers. Burning battleships and get arsonist, citadel cruisers and destroy their turrets and torpedoes tubes

  4. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    HMS Overpower

  5. This HE shell is more stronger than Montana’s.

  6. Davinelson Vasconcelos

    Orion = Tier IV Conqueror. Huuuuge HE power.

  7. Mein game war noch bisschen besser, hatte auch 9 Kills aber dafür 208k DMG

  8. Confused Blue Dragon

    Has this guy ever learned that turning broadside against dive bombers helps to reduce the chances of being hit and the amount of damage you take…?

  9. That was pretty lucky move against CV; I just can’t dodge torps like this.

    • Blood_and_Iron74[EMRS]

      dimzzy hey Dimmzy, you just ot to steer your ship toward the torps planes best you can, less experienced cv players are easier to dodge. If the good on the cross drop its harder. But you can still dodge most of the torps. It helps if you improve your rudder shift as much as poss too. But if there is a cv on reds, especially when you in a BB its best to keep your head on a swivel. Also stick close to cruisers if you can.

    • keep your bow pointed towards the planes always steering towards them you will notice them do a little drop in altitude whilst lining up on you just before they drop, vigilance captain skill always helps, a good cv player will try and get you to show broadside to an enemy bb knowing your going to turn into the torps, not much you can do about that only get angled as soon as you have dodged them

  10. Don’t think he changed his shell to AP once

  11. langley is noob

  12. Nicely played…

  13. Idiot carrier threw it

  14. Definitely the Orion is not overpowered. ?

  15. Yep, he carried the team…. half of the team was stuck up in the upper right quadrant and pretty much useless for most of the game. You see too many of such a lemming train…

  16. Amazing carry

  17. Carrying the noobs to victory. Good dodging against the torp bombers but poor maneuvers against dive bombers.


  19. I have had some great games in the orion, it’s quite good for all style’s of play, my favourite tier IV BB by far and my go to warm up ship, Did everyone notice at 2:28 into the video in chat someone was franticly trying to turn right before realizing chat was open leaving a string of d’s lol, i bet we’ve all done it at least once i know i have, or used a couple of consumables by forgetting to press enter before typing in chat not noticing until you look up and the map is up and everything is on cool down

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