RUBBs Nerfed, Yamato Skin, AA, and More – World of Warships

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Dev Blog discussing Soviet Battleship nerfs, Skin, AA adjustment 8.2. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next . – Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. I want Kitty-Kami ):3 with more Deep-water torps but 25 each side X3

  2. Anyone notice the video is flashing constantly and its annoying?

    • it seems to be localised inside his browser window, the UI bars at the top and bottom are rock solid but the interior window is what is jumping, may be an artifact of his screen capture programme

    • 5150madawg who shit in your cereal today buddy?

    • +5150madawg hey edgy emo asshole, stfu. he gave a legit observation. quit silencing expression. dont like people talking freely? dont use youtube. this isnt north korea. people have a right to say whatever they want. and speak up about whatever they dont like.

    • Not flashing for me.

    • Kimych Ze Festral

      +5150madawg hey fuckhead,did your daddy beat you the fuck up this early, so you came to the internet to screams at people?

  3. Was there a jump back and forth when he went to the yamato skin?

  4. I’m not too sure about the new Yamato camo.

  5. Yes… Yamato definitely needed to look more like a bicycle.

  6. Great, at least the camo designer is being considerate. He first gave us a can full of soda or beer. Now he is offering the straw. Next time put them on the same ship, then I may consider tipping.

  7. The nerf-bat hit hard this time. Now i suggest adding spotter plane/Hydro (They really need to spot torps early because radius) and the heal that went missing.

    • Nerf the few weaknesses they have?

    • +fokion leile They have many weaknesses. Kreml at this point is a Kurfurst with less guns, way less secondaries, a massive citadel, and slightly better rudder shift. And it’s the same size as Kurfurst. It needs hydro.

  8. The Soviet BBs are neutered now, vanilla BBs.

  9. Christopher Jonasson

    Good idea WG, make the worlds most epic battleship look like some fairground attraction

  10. We need a space battleship yamato camo

    • i highly doubt they will ever do something with SBB Yamato ever again since it almost got them sued the first time

  11. Seizure warning needed holy flashing batman

  12. Why Always idiotic unrealistic camos? Ships… Warships… No circus, no love boat… Warships

  13. They should lower turret traverse speed for T9 and T10 as well if they haven’t. I won’t mind if they still had faster turret traverse than other BBs but the 30 second traverse is ludicrous. They turn faster than some cruiser guns. Make the traverse reasonable.

  14. Russian BB news is good to know, I’m glad for the AA overlapping nerf was needed big time. Hope there percentages are correct

  15. Ears like Jar-Jar Binks. You cant un-see that now can you?

  16. Honestly, I would just enjoy more traditional dazzle style camo

    Like the type 4s but with bonuses.

  17. I was really hoping for a Space Battleship Yamato camouflage…

  18. When they lowered Georgia’s signma to 1.8 they loss $$$ from me.

  19. I don’t have high hopes for this game anymore. Now we are just waiting it to collapse like USSR did.

  20. That’s it Notser. Keep up with the complaints and get them to nerf the last thing that carriers have going for them. Let’s reduce the CV population back down to where it was prior to 8.0! That seems to be, after all, your goal.

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