RULERS OF THE SEAS (World of Warships)

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Check out World of Warships on PC here:
Bonuses from ‘ILOVEWARSHIPS’ code.
• 7 premium days
• 500 Golds
• Premium Ship : DIANA
• Free Garage slot


Video uploaded by:
Zerkaa | ZerkaaHD | ZerkaaPlays


  1. PureBritish Gaming

    i cant believe this game is free to play

  2. Josh fucked vik up hardcore.

  3. Kostya Slobodyanyuk

    You should play World of Tanks Blitz! Make a video on it! Available on

  4. please play more of this! maybe some with simon?

  5. try World of Tanks guys!

  6. Vikk should stop giving advice to people when he is the first to die

  7. How do you use the code they gave out, if I try to put it in in the premium
    store it doesn’t accept it ?

  8. pls play more of this and maybe learn to play better

  9. how can I use the code? PLS ANSWER

  10. more pls

  11. Play world of tanks, IS easier and battles are mor shorts. U can Play More

  12. Where’s the GTA content?!

  13. josh has no common sense

  14. Please try WoT (World of Tanks)!!!!

  15. A game like this needs some epic music, chosen by sir zerk

  16. H1Z1

  17. Josh you only shoot fireballs most of the time which is why you lose

  18. AngeloBossGaming


  19. You do drive boats

  20. the repertoiremusic


  21. Cameron Stevens

    S E L L O U T B O Y S

  22. This game’s aight you know I’d watch more :)

  23. Where is gmod?

  24. This is shit

  25. Just tell Vikk to stfu when he’s telling you what to do. Just play however
    you want to, there is a reason you stayed alive longer than him

  26. This is just a freemium ripoff of Battlestations

  27. More of this

  28. can You play dont starve together pls

  29. Florenzo Floorenzo

    play World of Tanks


    These guys play board games but on a computer

  31. do more of this, plz!

  32. I’ve just started a YouTube channel, any advice

  33. Play this again

  34. TheFlyingPotato

    This is better than wot on PC

  35. Lets take a moment of silence for GTA

  36. h1z1 plzzz

  37. LOL, half of the video is just “click”. Them clicking their mouse

  38. if anyone is putting in the code for the bonus, everything is good and
    useful but the diana is possibly the worst ship in the game lol

  39. Really enjoyed this for some reason

  40. TwoCl1t Gaming (Two Cl1t Gaming)

    Play warthunder ?

  41. Update on GTA please?


    2:16 joshed consent ration face

  43. bring back the gta videos!!!

  44. play h1z1

  45. Christian Rom Taxhjelm

    Im surprised that the title isnt called “You sunk my battleship”

  46. MOAR PLS!

  47. DipierroProductions

    its soo quiet without simon

  48. has GTA officially stopped?

  49. Matthew Merriman

    why no gta v

  50. What happened to gta

  51. They are ships not boats. ;)

  52. Like the battle of midway

  53. MOAR!

  54. this game is sick

  55. Bring back GTA!!!!!

  56. What happened to Gta episodes and why did they change to ps4 ages ago

  57. ULTAMATE BBgamer

    Did you know world war 3 has started and it ends at the 21st of December!!

  58. please play more h1z1

  59. Saber ToothGaming

    Wow i never would have thought the sidemen would do a video on this type of
    game, im impressed :)

  60. This is sick!!! ☺ shellshock live is better tho

  61. You should play more of this

  62. It’s much more relaxing without simon hahaha

  63. Da Blue Gamer Flaz

    Josh only use HE on destroyers, use AP on everything else

  64. Da Blue Gamer Flaz

    Torpedoes don’t show up until they are close

  65. You need to watch some of baronvongamez his world of warships videos will
    help you out a lot!

  66. The problem when the sidemen play games like world of warships and wolf of
    tanks is that they aren’t very good at knowing what to do and don’t know
    the mechanics of the game, so you’re constantly shouting at your screen
    telling them to do something lol.

  67. When you are aiming far aim just above the water line and towards the
    middle of the ship and you will get the kill

  68. uncharted waters online better

  69. Jammy Dodger (jammytwss212)


  70. Simba Keep going

    Good vid josh + hope you all have a good day keep smiling

  71. Christian Comire

    how do i redeem the code i am unable to, if you could thank you

  72. Christian Bailey

    What the hell happens to gta… Dammit


  74. Play WoT next time with everybody!

  75. This and World of Tanks are my most played games at the moment, I’ve been
    playing WoT for about 4 years

  76. do more it is so cool

  77. Hold ALT for finding each others names

  78. Michael Chandler

    Where ‘s h1z1 or gta

  79. more of this game please

  80. That awkward moment where they are playing AI instead of people

  81. Gta pls

  82. when you play gta v online I made a race for you called race around low
    Santos created by kidflash5023. it be like the sweetest race 2.0

  83. Japanese destroyers on this game can get torpedoes in the water without
    ever getting spotted, that’s why some of the torpedoes came ‘out of
    nowhere’. DO play them, they are so fun to play!

  84. play WOT JOSH PLZZZZ

  85. Come on, you can’t just forget GTA!!!

  86. Really good video, hope you do some more.

  87. ThePainTrain4234

    Check out the Mighty (admiral) Jingles for more of this game

  88. Tommygun 27yolo

    Play world of tanks on Xbox one or ps4

  89. oh my god this game looks amazing O.O have to try it out

  90. BrightShea-NUFC

    world of tanks is so much better

  91. Why do the sidemen not play gta anymore

  92. Why no more GTA and H1Z1???? :((

  93. kestis petriukas

    You should try world of tanks

  94. Press Z to follow the bullets with the camera josh

  95. Play world of tanks next;)

  96. Use Armour piercing ammo

  97. Carlington Lindsay


  98. *I have uploaded my first facecam gameplay, I would really appreciate any
    feedback as to how I can improve, this is not self advertisement, I am
    genuinely asking for any tips as to how I can improve, would really
    appreciate it*

  99. Jacob PlayzGames

    How do you redeem the code?

  100. keep this on an even number

  101. michael amadori

    How do I use the code?

  102. I’m more of a world of tanks blitz person

  103. It's a Chloe life

    Who else has no idea what’s happening? ?

  104. play this more

  105. Robbie Foheringham

    Is this a ps4 game

  106. Ραχάτ Χοσσείν Μολλάχ

    code wont work

  107. Dat turn was epic on 15:30!

  108. Vikk plays Minecraft with torPEADOS

  109. Play World of tanks or world of warplanes.

  110. Jacob PlayzGames

    I quite happy it only took me the length of this vid to create an account
    and download the 9.7GB update for it which if I did it on my PS4 it would
    take me 2-3 hours to download a file of that size!

  111. Shame Simon was at the Leeds game and not playing this

  112. oh……..god, yes!!! you finally play wows, thank fuck

  113. When they upgraded from Gta to other games
    My life got better

  114. Is this on ps4?

  115. Is this game on steam?

  116. Alexander Powell

    get simon to play and ethan then you can have a team of five and more

  117. Honestly love all of the content you make

  118. Play more of this!

  119. Play more of this!

  120. No one likes you, no one likes you
    No one likes you, you don’t care!
    You are Zerkaa, Super Zerkaa
    You are Zerkaa, from Sidemen!

  121. That “dammit” from Toby was gay af

  122. How can i redeem this code, because when i go to wargaming and i go redeem
    wargaming code it says that WG is not valid help please

  123. When are you streaming again daddy ZERKAA

  124. hshnehejwk ecwbsnjs

    I love this! Please do more with the sidemen

  125. love the thumbnail

  126. Hey there! Do you like watching peeps play random games? Well if you do
    check my channel out for lts of fun and humour!!

  127. Stephen Mcallister

    is this game free?

  128. Play more of this!

  129. great banter josh

  130. Michael de Rooij

    @zerkaahd can you pls. also play world of tanks?

  131. GTA5?

  132. This wasngood

  133. World of tanks is better

  134. This game looks decent!

  135. anyone else play the WG games and laugh at their play styles, no angling,
    complete lack of knowledge of game mechanics ect but still watch cauz their
    funny :)

  136. Matthew O'Donnell

    to someone like me who plays the game
    this was fucking painful to watch
    like I’ve had my 2 year old nephew play better than this

  137. OddBallGamer3 3

    Never thought they would play this game…

  138. OddBallGamer3 3

    Never thought they would play this game…

  139. I’m not first

  140. add me on Snapchat; kruddymarzi

  141. Please play more of this and with Simon

  142. hate it ??

  143. Finnaly an video without Simon.

  144. ronan mccrystal

    i really enjoyed watching this : )

  145. pls play world of tanks

  146. You guys should play Town Of Salem together it’s 6 € on steam and Free on
    the browser.

  147. Sellout

  148. play more World of warships

  149. code doesn’t work

  150. Please…. PLEASE… *PLEASE* play War Thunder as well

  151. Selling a fifa 16 account worth around 300k, reply if interested.

  152. 100

  153. André Carvalho

    Please just burn this Vikk LOL annoying

  154. Alongside slither and that shit golf game this is the worst game

  155. Those ToreVikks did a lot of damage

  156. Please more GTA V!

  157. FlameGamingCrew

    stfu vik let him play how he wants

  158. Puma Rapids44PLAYS

    Daddy josh


  160. About time

  161. Brooke Wallwein

    Omg same,I was shocked when vik said Simon wasn’t in the vid + LOVE your
    vids Josh your my fav youtuber ever and you make me laugh so much oh and if
    you read this comment PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE reply,it would mean so much to me!
    Thanks!! ??

  162. So shit it hurts ffs

  163. logicchecks 1933609

    vik is in so much groups. the sidemen the pack actually if u think about
    it. just 2 that i know of

  164. Valtteri Wahlman

    yo,Sidemen my clear #1 YT choice! Id love to see more GMOD Death Runs or
    the Chinese whisper thing….or just any challenge with JJ Tobi Josh Vikk
    Ethan and Simon ??love you guys ??✌

  165. Yet i bet they dont know nothing about the ships they are using or what
    wars they was in…

  166. Man, beard has the best josh out of the sidemen!

  167. Princetine Mathias

    I love sleep!!!ffs.

  168. Alexander Hammond

    Moar plz

  169. Play world of tanks

  170. Nah World of Tanks is way better, and play it on PC this time!!


  172. Not seen Ethan in a while, he’s fucking annoying but sometimes I miss him

  173. why no simon?? :(

  174. Brookey Thomas7

    Please bring back random games with Simon please :)

  175. I like that you’re playing different games :)

  176. Jesse SerranoJr

    subscribe to zerkaaplays

  177. Chek out my channel and like and sub aswell!!!

  178. ClearCeption Gaming


  179. pllllllllllllllllllllz help me out

  180. Michael Chandler

    Good job zerkaa

  181. 1st

  182. can u plz ask ur subscribers to check my channel out my name is mr squidge

  183. TheYOLOKing1 Xbox_user

    josh, where the GTA 5 vids?

  184. ShootEmUp Gaming

    under 1000 views

  185. Video: 37 minutes long
    Uploaded: 1 minute ago
    1 dislike

    Seems legit

  186. 135 view

  187. il_slaughter_you

    Please do more!

  188. Ryanthegamer 17

    Pls sub to me

  189. FruitshootPlayz

    Notification Squad!!!

  190. ronan mccrystal


  191. #Notification squad!

  192. Seventy-fifth like

  193. When you’re so early there’s no thumbnail

  194. GeoCraft Minecraft


  195. Where is GTA?

  196. When ur so early that there’s no thumnail

  197. I think I jizzed when I saw this

  198. Jordan jenkins Xix

    and sajun

  199. no thumbnail gang

  200. Jordan jenkins Xix

    tell vikkstar his cousin ishan is my friend ishan told me his mums name is

  201. #earlybird

  202. Scarlet McCluskey

    Damn I’m early

  203. Finally a video without Simon, I like him but he’s in every video

  204. Last time I was this early, all the comments said “first”

  205. 51512124th

  206. Bare early

  207. Jordan jenkins Xix

    10 th comment

  208. 7th like

  209. Ernrsto Zornetta

    Josh answer me !!!!

  210. First

  211. under a minute gang

  212. First time being first, Firstception

  213. Love this!

  214. please reply zerka

  215. Second

  216. First

  217. Hello

  218. noice vid

  219. Nice thum nail

  220. SO EARLY

  221. Joes 360 Gaming


  222. first

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