Russian Aircraft Carriers Coming to World of Warships

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It’s funny. After the announcement of the Hybrid USS Kearsarge that no one asked for, this little bomb drops. A whole line of Russian aircraft carriers that no one outside of Russia (and possibly even within) want added to the game. But here we are. We have taken a turn for the surreal in World of Warships and Wargaming keeps making it up as we go along. Get ready. Russian Aircraft Carriers are coming to World of Warships


  1. Literally everybody saw this one coming a mile away. Was gonna happen eventually.

  2. Wait till you find out about the plans for Soyuz-class BB being turned into a hybrid… XD

  3. I’ve seen the Dev blog and at least at the moment they dont seem to unbalanced or biased but I’m not getting my hopes up ut is wg after all

  4. When you wish WOW’s had a retro mode

  5. About time the most powerful navy of WW2 finally get CV’s. At least in the developers minds. Put another token in the game.

  6. right now subs seem like fair and just after all WG has done.

  7. If I wanted to play planes I would load up world of warplanes. This game is starting to be a joke.

  8. Can’t wait to see the Pan African CV line to be anounced 🤣

  9. I will say I am disappointed in Zoup here, he completely forgot about the entirety of RATO and JATO boosters which were developed all the way back in the 30s

  10. Wojtek Wierzchucki

    Admiral KnockThemOff🤣
    The end made by lolgaming is almost here🤣

  11. Notice we NEVER get surveys asking if we want more or less CVs

  12. Blackwood Raider

    Players: there’s too many aircraft in game right now
    WG: da yes more planes and more vodka.

  13. The balans is strong in this one.

  14. They do what makes money, not what the community wants.

  15. Playerbase want more real ships:
    IJN Cruiser Split: *NOPE*
    IJN Carrier Split: *NOPE*
    Italian Destroyers: *NOPE*
    French Carriers: *NOPE*
    Pan-American Cruisers: *NOPE*
    WG: *Here …have some of our Glorious Sekrut Documents you dirty capitalist pigs*

    • >IJN carrier split: how about no?
      >French carriers: hard pass on that
      I agree with the rest, except pan-Asians. If they gonna just reskin existing ships (like they usually do), then just forget that.

    • @villie86 Someone have PTSD 😂

  16. You know, I’ve been neglecting my War Thunder account a fair bit, maybe it’s time to show it some love, take a long break from WoWS

  17. they are killing the game by adding stupid over power sub with homing missiles and now more cv… just f—- great…

  18. The Future of World of Warplanes looks bright!

  19. The game has become something very different than it used to be. I play it far less as a result

    • I’ve nearly entirely stopped playing wg games. War thunder just has all things: planes ships and tanks. And it does all 3 better imo due to lack of random, painfully overpowered “paper” vehicles that no-one can actually find the source for.

    • I dont play it at all anymore. I took a break when smolensk and thunderer were the meta. Never came back when fdr was released

  20. The only way i would ever play one of these ships is if Putin was a special coal captain

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