RUSSIAN BEACH PARTY! – Boats & Beers EP. 2 – World Of Warships Gameplay

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RUSSIAN BEACH PARTY! – Boats & Beers EP. 2 –

WOWS Boats & Beers Series
– World Of Warships – – Boats & Beers!
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  1. Since everyone here is recommending beers for Phly to drink, I’ll chime in
    with some Canadian brews. Warning: Canadian beer is not for people who
    can’t hold their liquor.
    Molson Canadian
    Alexander Keith’s
    Labatt Blue

  2. whatever you wanna play next, drink german beer. when you are really used
    to your american piss you will orgasm at your first sip. Dont take beer
    from southern germany though, it sucks. I think a Tirpitz would fit to some
    good german beer. I really enjoy Duckstein, Becks or Flensburger.

  3. this video sucks

  4. poo on yoypu

  5. Molson XXX. Good solid Canadian beer brewed in a American style just for

  6. that’s why I hate cleveland players all they know is shoot everything on

  7. Try lithuanian beer “Švyturys” brand, pretty damn good.

  8. I recommend Hobgoblin or king goblin

  9. That laugh LOL

  10. Königsberg is pronounced Kerr – nigz – bear – g not Cone- igs – burg

  11. try heineken a dutch beer and play a german cruiser.

  12. If its german bear and you got a chance to get it try Schlüssel, Füchschen
    or Uerige Alt.

  13. Ruhan Karsten Gaming

    Hey Phly try a South African beer!!

  14. I don’t know if you have desperados over there but it’s a beer with tequila
    in it goes really nice with a lime in it try and get a hold of some man!
    love your video keep it up! :)

  15. An Iowa class Battleship

    Rip Cleveland XD

  16. this clevland kill ^^ awsome !

  17. im voting for tier 7 kiev and Polish beer :D

  18. putin would love the tumbnial 🙂


    There is no vodka?!



  19. Come on guys lets get him to do it finally, grab a hard root beer phly. Not
    your fathers root beer is good and so is Coney Island hard root beer

  20. Drink heineken beer from my country “the netherlands”

  21. +PhlyDaily IPA-Indian Pale Ale

  22. That.s never happening to me :)))

  23. both avaliible at whole foods or bevmo

  24. paulaner or hofbrau both from germany (munich). and a nice german bb so you
    can sit back and enjoy your bier. jawol mien freund!!

  25. i wonder if Phly will ever have any of the Mexican beers like Corona or

  26. Spitfire or Lancaster bomber ale from the UK

  27. You laugh like a crazy person.

  28. I wonder how the chat was after the Cleveland kill…that was fantastic.

  29. David “madindie” Dew

    Get into the Aussie brews mate, “Coopers” make a great range of beers if
    you can find them

  30. *Русская мощь))*

  31. Try Victoria Bitter

  32. #PhlyDaily Try the beer called Terrapin Moo Hoo. It’s a milk Stout beer
    made in Athens GA. Also play the Kongou again. Haven’t seen any videos in a
    while for that ship.

  33. “Dat laugh doe.” Try some quality Canadian beer, Alexander Keith’s India
    Pale Ale is my favourite

  34. Drink any Dogfish beer.

  35. Hey Phly do the USS Colorado thanks

  36. This video was amazing!

  37. i sell that beer

  38. hey Phly…well my choice would be for you to have some Guiness ( Irish I
    know, but part of the United Kingdom ie..England) and take out the only
    British Battleship available so far…..HMS Warspite ( know you have taken
    it out before…but it’s a fun ship all the same)

  39. I love ale. Me and a few friends used to do tasting evenings, judging and
    ranking all the beer we drank. The three top ranked ales ever were:
    Brackspear Triple, Black Sheep Rigwelter, and Fullers ESB. I’m teetotal now
    🙁 Live for me Phly!!!

  40. awesome, your pronunciation of the ships name was very good indeed, comrade

  41. TheBlackdragonnight

    Phly can you fix the camera? Your like transparent. PS your real name is
    steve right?

  42. Cheeko lol…Chico phly

  43. Yutyrannus Dinosaur

    Great video!!!

  44. Yutyrannus Dinosaur

    Great video!!!

  45. Best Cleveland kill ever. I lost my shit when that happened

  46. bottle opener? what, no lighter?

  47. “I have a dash can on my Russian cruiser” lol phly you’re actually decent
    at jokes!

  48. Play Russian boat, why not vodka comrades?

  49. Haha, unless you’re drinking first thing when you get up and pretty much
    all throughout the day, you’re not an alcoholic Phly. Be glad you’re not,
    it fucking sucks.

  50. thatbattlefield dude

    lmao he didn’t even know XD

  51. Beaches in Moscow…seems legit

  52. Try Spitfire Ale from the UK :3.

  53. Sierra Nevada makes a pretty good Abbey Quad that’s like 10.2% abv. Didn’t
    know that when I bought some; it was an interesting time.

  54. That bit with the Cleaveland totally slayed me! 😀

    And btw, I’m a big fan of Craft Beer right now. :)

  55. I swear the Cleveland drivers are the worst

  56. Samuel Adams October fest and the Des Moines

  57. you need to get some German cruiser action with German beer to drink 😛
    also dat Cleveland at the beach party :P


  59. I hate to say this, but I think your sick, new background messes with your
    face cam. Your face looks like it’s striped

  60. ohhhhhhh my god that was crazy

  61. shadow_dow_155 hugs

    lol gg

  62. +PhlyDaily should be more like FagDaily

  63. Stella is a good beer, kronenbourg also…there’s loads I’m not quite sure
    what’s available in the states

  64. Those torps against that ‘blind’ Cleveland was fucking awesome… LOL

  65. Orig: There is a Providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children and
    the United States of America.
    – Otto von Bismarck

    There is a Providence that protects idiots, drunkards*, children and
    – Observation

    I can’t believe that Cleveland never noticed you… never is the wrong
    word… noticed you only as it slipped beneath the digital waves.

    *Redundant in this case. ; )

  66. That laugh

  67. Guinness.

  68. ognevOi

  69. Try “Old Speckled Hen” or “Tribute” ;3 (If you like/want to try ale)

  70. Он читается как огневОй

  71. Этот корабль не Российский. Это СССР. МАФАК

  72. With russian accent you said it right. Ognevoi – огневой, you can translate
    as – fiery. Comrade.

  73. That beer is made right in my backyard! (Figuratively) Love going to the
    brewery and getting their sample platter.

  74. You know Belgian beer is the best in the world ! … and I personaly
    prefer ” Tripel Karmeliet ” !! .. I don’t know if you can get that over
    there ? … but look it up on “Wikipedia” ! greetings from Belgium ! ;-)

  75. Is this for real? Did the Russians actually build such power warships in
    WW2? How come they aren’t as prominent as the US Navy or IJN? At least the
    British and Germans still has some epic battles.

  76. good old Potosi beer

  77. Beer 961, Lebanon (I know it’s not EU)

  78. Jeffrey Sistermans

    Tirpitz with a Duvel beer! You’ll love it :)

  79. Just sail the Murmansk and drink the Belgium “Duvel” that will be fun ;)

  80. Nice nice 11:00 <3

  81. Gotta try some Stella Artois man. Its my favorite European beer at the
    moment. For american beer id say if you can get your hands on anything
    Boulevard Brewing makes do it, I know you’d like their IPA but their wheat
    and tank 7 brews are great as well

  82. Wyoming 6 203mm turret destruction?


  84. Its been bugging me for ages- is that a Tirpitz in the intro?

  85. Phly cackles like the Wicked Witch of the West.

  86. Alki haha

  87. Hi phly
    Used to have an empty ale bottle collection mate. You should try some
    british beers. Hobgoblin, old empire, spitfire, old speckled hen, there are
    loads need any beer help at all look on the C.A.M.R.A website buddy
    Think this calls for a pint of bitter for me thirsty work

  88. Phly the russian accent at the beginning was so spot on!

  89. Tuburg, Carlsberg, Faxe beers. You will not go wrong with Danish beer.

  90. PhlyDaily + Ethanol = Pure Madness

  91. 11:04 replay button for those who want a good laugh.
    Phly – You, sir, just earned your day’s pay with that Cleveland kill + the
    laughter that followed.

  92. Spitfire beer.. Might work better in warthunder, but you can make it work
    with a British ship..

  93. At 10:30 i was like lol 10:40 rly nigga? 10:50 you fucking blind??? And at
    11:00 i was laughing so hard and badly xD

  94. Russian Beach Party: when you Torp a boat while not moving. Epic funny kill
    Phly o7

  95. Although not European, I recommend “Not your fathers root beer”

  96. Fake ass Russian ships and shit lol

  97. Just opened one of these before starting the video :D

  98. You should try get some proper Australian beer. None of that Fosters
    bullshit that noone over here drinks, try and get some Tooheys or VB. Even
    XXXX is better than Fosters.

  99. I have a Sovjet marine flag just had to say it 🙂 (Grolsch = Beer) 07 from
    a Dutch Russian guy Plhy

  100. sorry *play

  101. Hi Phly Daily can i okay war thunder With You?

  102. So how much pot did you smoke before you started playing that day?

  103. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    Drink the beer Radegast (czechoslovakian) and drive out the Chester
    “Molester” :D

  104. Balázs Szabolcs Nyiri

    Try Kőbányai beer (it”s Hungarian)

  105. Beer and burritos…the explosive potential is off the scale.

  106. Tobias “sciencegeektoday” !

    Zao fastest at 76 knots

  107. Get Spitfire Ale from the UK

  108. Tiinepaige babycommander

    i nearly choked to death on my popcorn


  110. HAHA fucking christ phly at the beginning you’re like fuck it’s going to be
    hard to make a good video with this ship and then suddenly a fucking
    russian beach party. ROFL!

  111. Corgoň (read with C) 😀 is the best beer in Slovakia

  112. wow that Cleveland kill… some serious luck of irish there! XD

  113. Belgians tend to be my favorite as far as European beers go. Can never go
    wrong with Delirium Tremens. St. Bernardus is also good.

    If you decide to return to American IPAs I also highly recommend checking
    out anything from Stone, Southern Tier, or Harpoon breweries. I think at
    this point Stone has literally dozens of different IPAs. I especially
    recommend the Enjoy By [date] series IPA and the Green Tea IPA if you can
    find it.

    As far as this video goes, holy crap that Cleveland sailing right up to you
    while beached is possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in
    this game.

  114. Phly, I don’t know much about boats or European beer but you should try out
    Left Hand Brewery’s Nitro American Pale Ale. Pours like a Guinness but it’s
    a pale, I think you’d enjoy! Great videos, keep it up (y)

  115. That laught!!!!

  116. See if you can get Adnam’s Broadside and take out the Warspite for a strong
    British flavour.

  117. Warthunder video today ?

  118. You’d make a very good joker for the next batman movie

  119. Fantastic Game Fly.

  120. Phly, you gotta try Pilsner Urquell. Its obviously a pilsner but it is the
    first pilsner ever brewed (1842) and is from the Czech Republic.

  121. here in germany even Becks started brewing PA’s. An vor 99 Cent a
    Bottle(0,33L) they are one of the cheapest PA’s here. But compared to a
    normal Pils or Lager they are still pretty expensive

  122. in britain we have lancaster bomber and spitfire ale – you should check
    those out with some war thunder

    theres also aviation gin which i believe is american

    IPA is always a fantastic choice though!

  123. Phly, try some Affligem!!!

  124. how about a Stella Artois and the Nurnberg German Cruiser for the next one

  125. India pale ale, don’t think its Indian. You’re using my beach party term I
    coined in one of your live streams, I feel almost famous )

  126. a good european beer is Lasko (Laško) form slovenia.

  127. Hey Phly, are planning on using any mods for WoWS? There are some really
    nice no-rust skin mods on the forums you should check out, get all that
    nasty rust off your boats. ;)

  128. Try Oettinger! From Germany.

  129. Hey man not sure about what ship to take out next, but beer wise I got your
    back Phly! These three are a no brainer -Founders Centennial IPA -Dogfish
    Head 60 Minute IPA -Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, and pretty much anything by
    Lagunitas is fantastic if you can get your hands on a six pack. Yeah in my
    book all three are worldclass American IPAs with a similar ABV to Torpedo
    and widely distributed, def worth the extra drive to a quality liquor
    store. Also!, check for bottling dates on the neck if you can (Sometimes
    they’re hard to spot when it’s sweating, shit doesn’t help that some stores
    wipe dates after five or six months, fuckers) xD hops fade so you’ll want
    to drink IPAs as fresh as you get them. Hope this helps!

  130. holy shit I just got the ognewoi and I don’t even know why

  131. Highly suggest Paulaner Beer if you can find it, one of my favorites.

  132. Drink a Chouffe, it’s an amazing belgian beer kinda like an IPA and it’s 8%

  133. That has to be one of the sickest intros that I’ve ever seen

  134. They would never send beer, lol!

  135. You play with only 30 fps average ? wtf o.O

  136. not russian, soviet…

  137. That beach shot was epic… about tunnel vision on his part!

  138. 76.2 mm is a 3 inch gun so they are actually just slightly smaller

  139. Phly can you drink Heiniken next time and play the tier 2 german cruise?
    (Heiniken because i’m dutch and Heiniken is dutch too :D)

  140. Do the new wt map not Stalingrad but the other one.

    /King T of Scotland

  141. Ok favourite beers from over here are Leffe Blond from Belgium and Peroni
    from Italy both quality. Great game btw the more beer the funnier the game

  142. search brewdog sink the Bismarck beer

  143. the russain chicken kiev and the beer is the sink the Bismarck by brewdog

  144. Evan Anderson-Navarro

    I was literally going to ship him this exact beer from Hawaii… Ohhhhh

  145. I don’t like how your face cam was semi-transparent. Was it on purpose?

  146. just drink any kind of german beer, wheat beer or “Weißbier” if you got
    some on your side of the pond :D

  147. Paul Preisenberger

    drink some bavarian beer with a german ship it’s a tasty combo (best the
    nürnberg it’s also bavarian)

  148. 11:00 warning headphone users

  149. Sierra Nevada. The normal non Torpedo stuff is better imo, but still a
    fantastic beer!

  150. Андрей Ромашов

    2nd Pronunciation was so damn accurate! Surprisingly

  151. Tirpitz and Heineken

  152. Just get any Czech beer, and use German ships!

  153. Great to see the series back! Thanks to you I got into IPA’s!

  154. European beer? Why not an italian one :), i suggest the Peroni.

  155. When you play the german cruiser you must try Weihenstephaner Vitus or
    Korbinian – Cheers!

  156. Dat Cleveland doe!!!

  157. Zao has fastest torpedos with 74 or 76 knots actually

  158. Stone Brewery’s Ruination double IPA 8.5% is US. I wonder if the Cleavland
    player learned not to sail by smoke?

  159. In Germany you can drink beer if you are 16:D

  160. Russian beach bear party!

  161. Rly 7 % alcohol? In my country is normal 12%

  162. Phly looks like a panini all video with the water behind him

  163. Bahahahahahaha! your very sneeeeeeeeeaky

  164. Your Intro is the best i have ever seen ! 🙂 And also you are the Best !

  165. Your laugh at 11.00 killed me oh my god ??????

  166. Try broadside by adnams, it might be expensive coz its English and shipping
    ect, but it’s good and has a naval theme

  167. Darko Dimitrijevic

    Its a SHIP not a boat!

  168. 1 moment…. all russian and german boats are premium??? wtf


  170. i would like to recommend the beer/pills “Paulaner, munchen” a great
    product i have fallen in love with the last 6 months

  171. That laughter of yours was god damn funny 😀 HAd to giigle myself :D

  172. KydoimosOfMachai you have no f*cking idea, he will do whatever he want stop

  173. Hugo Fernandez Zapico

    the Kiev with belgiums beers

  174. Karhu, stronk finnish bear beer

  175. Markkus Vi Brittanica

    I’m betting on my Tirpitz….Phly won’t reply to this comment

  176. Allright you just earned yourself a like at 11:00

  177. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    best torpedus kill ever!

  178. You def have a drinking thing, better watch it.

    Not trying to troll, u just have this attitude towards alcohol that some of
    my friends had, they all ended up with drinking problem. Just watch it bro,
    some things are not for everyone.

    For me for example, I can handle drinking, but when it comes to smoking
    anything I’m to sensitive. Even cigarettes just destroy me. I get depressed
    and just sleep. Thank god I quit. That was not fun.

  179. heineken beer for the netherlands try that :)

  180. I saw them testing UK cruisers

  181. ok, we got beer, boat, vodka on the boat, WHERE IS THE TITS???

  182. Phly’s laugh at 11:05 lol

  183. I’m 17 I don’t drink beer. Legally.

  184. I’m a normal person (ninja) I see phly’s video, I press like

  185. When is the new German and Russian ships comin out?

  186. deliver the vodka! drink the beer! KILL THE SHIPS! I love that series

  187. Torpedus in liquid beer form?! ermagerd !

  188. Adrian Grindbakken (Srslywtfcl4p)

    i both hate and love when you try pronouncing names of well anything not

  189. First!

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