Russian CVs Serov & Pobeda – World of Warships

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Here are 2 mid tier Russian CVs, Serov and Pobeda in 1 video, back to back.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. ah yes favorite cv

  2. To anyone that hates playing CV or Sucks at it. Buy Pobeda wait till you get T8 CV brawls again. Chuck on some boosters and enjoy. 3 Salvos and the enemy CV is dead

  3. I think the planes were the Grokhovsky G-38 but I don’t know for certain.

  4. Flambino as a CV main! Back at it again 😎

  5. I think there is still some element of strategy to apply to CVs. You spent most of your time getting back and forth, whereas Russian CVs are supposed to be closer to the action in order to cycle their aircraft faster. Maybe by the mid point of the game if you had moved closer issue of running in circles, then you would have won through sheer speed of cycling aircraft.

  6. Russian bias never ends 😂

  7. The Grokhovsky planes are awesome looking, what do you mean?!

  8. Trenlass is that sub perhaps Russian? If so go look at the Russian letter for the English S. May perhaps it be a C? We used to call it the USSR but in Cyrillic it was CCCP. Isn’t education wonderful.

  9. No results on that second battle? =0[.]o=

  10. Good to see top players promote CVs and Subs to new players to ensure increased popularity. Thats what the game needs…

  11. You’re crazy, those planes look cool.

  12. 22:11 Trenslass doesnt understand that Cyrillic isn’t Latin, the “C” in Cyrillic is “S” in Latin.

  13. Rocket planes? Do they suck on these CVs? Could have gotten more kills, or kills faster rather than failing with the torp or skip bombers.

  14. Russian “C” is “S” in English

    See “CCCP” as “USSR”

  15. 420 likes, nice

  16. Ahh , the Grojovski G-37 troop transport aircraft …perfect for use on carriers .

  17. Why did you run from the sub?
    You were in a Carrier! The protected class! And as such the best one to hunt the sub down

  18. Fuso had a very fun and engaging battle.

  19. Do carriers automatically move out of the way of enemy torpedoes?

  20. Flying Lada 😂

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