Russian Destroyers – Storozhevoi & Derzki “The YOLO Boats” – World of Warships

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I’ll be previewing the this week, starting with the & at tiers 2 and 3 respectively. I’ll give a general review of the whole line and then we’ll check out how these new ships are going to play.


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Got a good to show me for the channel? Please put the tank involved in the subject line and don’t send me the actual file as my inbox fills up fast 🙂


  1. Since CloakingDonkey announced he his stopping making videos about World of
    Warships, I decided to subscribe here… I like what I see on your channel,
    and we’ll see how it goes.
    Thank you for the quality content you put out, and thanks to whomever
    linked you on WoWS forums.

  2. Tim “runfox” B

    I don’t think these Russian DD are going to be very popular, short range
    torps and slow guns, that doesn’t give you any options , and that will be a
    slow painful grind to get to the higher tiers. I think Ill pass on them,
    but the German cruisers sound good.

  3. Khabavosk will blow your mind….please do that soonest your going to love
    it! F1 warship with great guns!

  4. I’d like to see the Nurnberg.

  5. The Storozhevoi (Sta-ROW-je-voy) and Derzki are Imperial Russian ships, I’m
    not sure about the tier 4, but the rest are Soviet.

    You can tell by looking at the flags.

  6. Gimmi Royal Navy DD’s :)

  7. Please play Khabarovsk and Hindenburg

  8. The play style might be nice, but I never thought anyone could have worse
    torpedo technology then the USN

  9. please do the Admiral Hipper, Roon, Yorck and the tier X russian dd

  10. You should check out the video about stealth firing on iChaseGamings
    channel. Completely new advantage especially for soviet dds

  11. What does YOLO mean?

  12. ahahaha 3km torps – this will be hilarious… ofc it will be different if
    someone actually manges to get that close by for example island ambush…
    not a lot time to dodge…

  13. I feel those 10 torps may make for many more interesting situations in the
    games to come on that Derzki 😀 , although its is gonna be frustrating in
    changing tactics from Japanese destroyers to these Soviet ones , good to
    see some gameplay though :)

  14. Hi Jedi, the German cruisers were the ones I was most exited about. But
    after seeing many Soviet DD games, that opinion has completely changed.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on them

  15. First comment :D

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