Russian Double Derp! Derpski Double Fail – World of Warships

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  1. this is really derp

  2. Derzki in a nutshell:

    -10 torpedoes “YAAAAAAAAAY!” 8D
    -3.0 km range ……………”NOOOOOOOOOO!” X(

  3. Christopher Dempster

    baron how come you havnt touched on the British tanks dude?? are you not
    too fussed about British tanks. little dissapointed cause your my favourite
    war thunder YouTube next to phly. please do a quick review of them

  4. Omg Im so sad becasue I dont have time to watch your streams but thank you
    for uploading some of these matches here! :)

  5. Baron, please do Emperor Nicholas I! It is out for RU servers.

  6. Holland is great, its my home country

  7. I’m tired of 5 hour energy.

  8. I think Baron should wear that blue russian fuzzy hat wile playing the
    Derski :3 So much potatus comrade o7

  9. Kerspaprog Balceram

    Rule #1 of youtube or twitch is: Don’t eat near the mic.

  10. I’d have to say Baron. You have a great persona. And that is sometimes hard
    to find. I really hope to run into you online sometime.

  11. Will wargaming ever add submarines to this game? That would make it
    incredibly more interesting…

  12. Not too many things better than a double derp.

  13. You would to so well in the wehrmacht Mr Baron. Arian points 10/10

  14. do a aircraft carrier battle with fly daily where your favorite carrier

  15. Haircut = Horrible ;)Kale = The Devil!!!!

  16. and that’s the baron truth

  17. hehe* he^ hehe, snort* ~SpooP

  18. Beans nuts

  19. SOO MANY FUCKIN TORPS!!!!!! I can’t handle that much torpedus!!!

  20. nice haircut! My friend Ivans’ hair looks like that

  21. Can you drive the Sherman 105???

  22. hi Baron remember me BRIX ARMODIA Min naval frontline….
    please reply back

  23. What kind of man are you eating KALE in your spoop? Is that grounds for
    handing in your man-card?

  24. Gimmeh that herpa derp baron. Nao.

  25. pls jagdpanther

  26. is world of warships free yet?

  27. hi vongamming could you respon?

  28. deez nuttts

  29. I’m the 3 and hi

  30. Derp SKI!

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