Russian GANGUT and 40K Ships WINNERS =) World of Warships

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  1. Oh… I’m sad… But it’s the game. GG to all the winner

  2. Erster..achso…und Glückwunsch den Gewinnern ✌️

  3. Grande_Inquisidor

    I got 0 ships! My fame as a loser even in tic-tac-toe goes strong apparently, but by the way: how can i get a Gangut?

  4. GZ to all winners. Now I have to spend 1 million free XP for Alaska xD

  5. Aw rip I didnt get Alaska.
    But at least I can wait bit longer till they change the whole game meta.

  6. Hey danke dir vielmals für die alaska !geiler stream heute

  7. Gangut is the old Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

  8. 17:50 Da muss jetzt wohl jemand ausflippen 😀

  9. Congratz to the winners, and thanks again to Panzer for the giveaways and grats on the 40…. 41K subs!

  10. Fair winds to all salty dogs. Hoped to win USS Kidd since I got the other ships except her. But ohh well, enjoy the new ships guys! 🙂

  11. Who needs a Nikolai…

  12. R.I.P my prinz ? congrats guys ?

  13. wtf?
    can u explain?

  14. Meh, unlucky again. Gratz to winners and thx to Knacker for his uploads

  15. Julyyyanto Kuuuan

    Congratulation for 4 lucky winners.For the rest who didn’t win please don’t be upset.I understand you guys want these ships as much as i do, but this is how it is, only 1 player from each server would get it. Just think about, even if panzerknacker give us all these ships for free, wouldn’t it be unfair for the players who bought them with real money, doubloons, or free XP ?. so no need to be sad, you guys still have a chance for the next 40K giveaways and i wish all of you a good luck.

  16. A lot of broken hearts last night…but this is way it goes

  17. Hey can someone calculate the cost of Alaska for me if you try to by it then convert to free so ?
    Also I already save some like 100K free Xp already

  18. Ziehst du eigentlich zufällig oder suchst du dir Kommentare raus? Glückwunsch den Gewinnern 😉

    • Jakob Reuter he picked who he wanted. I had enough

    • You had enough what? xD
      Thanks for the info though 🙂

    • Jakob Reuter of this kinda stuff. he picked them all by himself Instead of making it due to comments or pure luck. I won’t support him any longer as that is just wrong. and no I am not a sore looser or bitter, in fact I wish the 4 winners all the best with their new ships. I still won’t support this kind of behaviour though.
      go check out the people who won and where they are from and you know why

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