Russian Low Tier Cruisers – World of Warships

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Here is one of the longer videos where you get few battles in ships I never played with captain builds, equipment and flags.

I was working through the Russian tech tree line that day so you get a batch of Russian cruiser ships in 1 video.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Yesss, a 40 minutes video. Will enjoy every minute of it.

  2. MyopicAutisticMetal

    Flambino with the secondary tier 2 cruiser build, tried to focus secondaries on the dd!

  3. @19:01 Woohooo 66666 damage 😀

  4. Flambass turns out Tulsa is coming to legends as well as Salem, what’s your opinion on these two cruisers on PC?

  5. 19:03 perfect damage xD

  6. Aurora and Diana are sister ships not Bagtyr. Bogatyr and Oleg are.

  7. Very low tier is a LOT of fun to play.

  8. that was a nice video, thanks!

  9. Love the vids of low and medium tier games!

  10. just got 83k in the tier 2 smith, bro the lower tiers are more fun now

  11. what a nice long relaxing video to watch during lunch, very glad u uploaded as a group and not alot of short videos =)

  12. I remember really enjoying Bogatyr and Svietlana when grinding the line from T1 back in the day. Those two were really a blast to play 🙂

    • When things are going badly, the Bogatyr is always my go-to ship for a bit of fun! But when he was speccing the captain, I kept thinking, ‘take turret traverse!!’

    • Svietlana in 2019 was dope. Torp reload + good armor and speed meant you could knife fight so many people at once and devastate them before going down.

  13. Canada is proud of you.

  14. Mister Puts&Calls

    Suddenly, a wild Trenlass appears!

  15. @flambass they improved the bots… but not only did the ones trying to evade ramming get improved, but the ramming ones too… and since ramming AI worked flawlessly allready, the evaders never stood a chance :p

  16. Yes Caledon and Danae are famous for their exposed deck citadel. So they can even be citadeled by 105 mm dd Guns with He.
    Allways funny when you show Broadside in a St. Louis and fire He and the enemy Caledon is angled and shoots AP. Who eats the citadels? The Caledon of course, not the St. louis.

  17. Is it seal clubbing if 75% of each team is bots? I would be interested to know if the other 5 players in that match experience level. Would not be surprised if they all had 1k games min. That is not seal clubbing.

    I almost never play below tier 6. What is the point besides doing something like this to improve individual ship stats?

  18. “I’m not seal clubbing!” *Loads up ship with every sort of upgrade.* =^[.]^=

  19. You should get a Bengal cat. Then you will learn of needless meows

  20. The Rogue Admiral

    Apparently they did improve the bots, they made them emulate real players much more closely!

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