Russian Roulette! Gambling with my life! World of Warships

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World of Warships NEW Tier 6 German Cruiser Nurnberg
WOWS German Cruiser – Tier 6 Cruiser, Baron Has No Luck!

Thanks for watching!


  1. omg I hitted 10000th view!

  2. what party??? what subscription are we talking about?? where’s the colas
    and the chips?

  3. Check my channel just uploaded gameplay on GTX980ti :)

  4. I like the orlan

  5. When are you going to play war thunder?

  6. What an ending!

  7. EpiC DOMiNaTiON! QuadruPaL KilL* Little Russian boat that COULD^

  8. Surachai phiwphong

    world of tank P.Z IV

  9. dum idiot you dont show the side of the ship if ypu are in enemy range

  10. The citadel RNGesus is not with me at all. Everytime I hit where their
    citadel is it just is a normal hit with AP

  11. Did u know Poland ships are in next!! This is gonna be awesome!

  12. hey, baron if you interested in trying out the BB imperator nikola 1 i have
    a RU account with one.

  13. Baron just to let u know Dresden is said like drasden but say the a like u
    would if it was by itself

  14. Awesome video, Herr Baron von Games, you old seadog. Keep it up. Big
    greetings from Croatia.

  15. I want fleet in War Thunder:( It’s a pity that it’ll come only in 2016(

  16. Quad feeeedddd!!!!

  17. When I downloaded World of Warships everything looks different from what
    Baron has. Does anybody know why? (P.S I just started so I don’t know that

  18. 10THHHHHHH to make a comment….

  19. I wanna go to bed now and sleep. Got a boat trip to survey sea water
    currents for a uni project but you just posted this. Fine I’ll watch it

  20. The deck of the Orlan looks to be washed in blood..! XD

  21. My name is SovietSea, how can I get russian ships? All I can get is Murica
    and Japan

  22. Graham H (bluesmanshane)

    oh and Baron, just too spoopy 5 me.

  23. Graham H (bluesmanshane)

    was fourth view, now 80! lol. fire the torpedus!

  24. hi baron i like your war thunder vids keep up the good job buddy!

  25. loving the vids baron

  26. torpedus!!

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