Russian Tier 4 CV Kosmomolets – World of Warships

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This is totally the result of a tier 4 ship, especially the one you never played before. Everyone in this game had a load of fun and can not wait to do it again. CVs are totally fine and fun and engaging and balansed and….. -.-

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Classic flambass, seal clubbing with a CV

  2. Great game Flambass! You really grew as CV main, hope Trenlass will catch up to you with his submarines!

  3. I assume you had to take a shower after this game to wash off the CV filth… 😀

  4. Totally unrelated, keep in mind this is one of the considered weaky ones

  5. Ducks on The Pond, Flambass! Can we get a Quack-AN???

  6. When flam goes clubbn he goes deep and always filthy lol

  7. Best player name: Fearsome Pumpkin Pie

  8. On this channel, when we go clubbin’, we go with Negan’s bat, unlubed fists, and mandate to bring balance.

  9. 2 carriers + only 2 subs on each side? Y’all got it easy on EU.

  10. Cold, dead hand of Stalin reached up and flipped the activation switch on those torps.

  11. This is the reason I stopped playing WoW, I hated playing against planes and I basically couldn’t even shoot any of them down

  12. You know that feeling when you feel worse after watching something?

  13. Remember how shocked the Germans were at the start of barbarossa to discover that the soviets had invented Stalinium, rail guns and replaced their entire army with Schwarzenegger T-800’s.

    They must have felt pretty silly.

  14. Every time I feel like coming back to WoWS I watch a video like this and go play something else instead. It was such a great game in Beta, but they’ve spent the time since just fucking it up.

  15. bro has a 21 pt special commander on the tier 4

  16. Flambass:”CVs are shit and way too strong”
    Also Flambass: *proceeds to seal club on a CV with a 21 point commander*

  17. One of my favorite things about world of warships is my T3 battleship Dreadnought.
    It has no AA at all and always has 2CVs in every game. Its a sublime experience.

  18. i miss that map loved playing it at low tiers

  19. Nice rng … lol its obvious he was turning in and you dropped on the outside – you have to account for the bomb travel time lol

  20. I just got on serov and the upgraded version is holy smokes, check it out if you can

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