RUSSIAN TORPEDUS CRUISER (World of Warships Svietlana – Ship Request)

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The New Russian Cruisers are:
Novik, Bogatyr, Svetlana, Kirov, Budyonny, Schors, Chapaev, Dmitry Donskoy, Moskva…. Place your vote for the next one!

Thanks for watching!


  1. I’m surprised that you missed the obvious. If you can approach a ship and
    go back and forth slightly to get maximum guns while keeping your profile
    highly angled you can also launch 2 sets of torps in the forward arc. You
    can do the same thing going away from a pursuing ship with your rear guns
    and torp launchers. The firing arc for the torps is insanely wide.

  2. Howard Hendrickson III

    My favorite Russian cruisers so far are the T3 Bogatyre, and the T6
    Budyonny, which I’m currently grinding. Can’t wait to see what the next
    tier cruisers are like. I watched Phly play the T10 Moskva, and that thing
    looks like a beast.

    I also hope WG brings back the Mikhail Kutuzov. I didn’t have enough money
    to purchase it when when it was originally released, but after watching
    game play videos, it looks like a must have in my shipyard.

    Since I’m currently grinding the Budyonny, and enjoying every minute of it,
    I would love to see you and Phly play this ship. While the AA sucks balls
    compared to the Cleveland, the torps come up far short of the Aoba and the
    turning speed and radius are a bit stiff, the Budyonni’s main batteries are
    the best of the T6 cruisers in my opinion. They have the rapid fire of the
    Cleveland, but pack more of a punch, that can be deadly accurate when aimed
    right, and have a higher range than most T6 cruisers. This is one of the
    few cruisers I’ve played that is a decent sniper at long range.

    Iv’e been racking up citadels like mad in this cruiser, and I’m not what
    you would call the greatest shot in the world. This thing is also great at
    killing destroyers. While the Cleveland’s shells just kind of float before
    they land on a target, this isn’t the case with the Budyonny. These things
    reach their target quicker, with a much flatter trajectory, and almost seem
    like they’re laser guided.

    This ship might not be for everybody though, as it does have a higher
    learning curve than the Cleveland, because of it’s underwhelming AA, stiff
    turning, and fairly light armor. If you like taking on battleships in your
    cruisers, then having a team mate by your side, and doing whatever you can
    not to show your broadside in this ship is an absolute must, as it’s pretty
    easy to citadel if you make the wrong move. This one will probably have a
    love hate relationship with players. I love this ship, and it’s a keeper
    for me.

  3. I love to say Bogaiiiiderrr because of you,loool!!!

  4. this ship is TERRIBLE and i hope the Kirov is worth it

  5. HappyHusbandn Wife

    Hey Baron have you try Steel Ocean >?

  6. Hey Baron , are you going to play anymore mount and blade?

  7. chieftain mk 3 or KV-1

  8. Man, it’s so fun how u are saying the ship name )

  9. Play the Bogatyr tier 3 Russian St.Louis

  10. Baron, why do you refuse to use the ctrl button????

  11. It`s back to the torpedus training room for you lol

  12. Budyonny, supposed to be pretty good

  13. moksva

  14. My experience so far in Russian CAs until Tier V is that you can be sunk in
    one salvo at any moment but you hit citadels (on any ship) like there’s no

  15. Why the hell do you shoot so friggin low with HE? You were continually
    missing around 7:55 – 8:15 and seemed to be surprised, lol.

  16. pensacola!

  17. Baron are you and slick ever hunted down and killed simply because of who
    you are? (in a game, lets be logical here)

  18. +BaronVonGamez I have a girlfriend called Svetlana

  19. Love and miss this stuff. Wish I had it every day.

  20. Torps might be for when your running away.

  21. I guess you can say it’s a gunship

  22. I am sorry baron but I can’t send a link because I don’t have a PC so you
    will have to look at my channel the video is called Now thats what I call a
    kill. Thank you

  23. Argh man your ammunition selection is poor. Had me screaming at the screen

  24. hey baron did you see my comment on the 300 000 sub vid i wasnt sure

  25. Yavuz Selim Han Osmanoglu


  26. Play as the bogatyr

  27. oh my louis

  28. sloppy torps dude ^^

  29. alejandro cardozo

    baron good job please more japanese torpedo dispensers XD

  30. bière petzouille


  31. It’s the russian St. Louis!!!

  32. Let us see the Dmitri Donskoi

  33. #maketorpedusgreatagain.

  34. I used to play WoW, but then I realized I was playing too many games too
    keep up with them.

  35. Weak power from those guns

  36. Bogatyr with 152mm pls the russian st-louis

  37. what a noob you are

  38. BaronVonGamez, have you played MEN OF WAR AS2 with shermanator?

  39. Wow. You are really bad a this game. How the fuck did you even manage to
    get to T10?

  40. Harrison Quilter-Clarke

    i love you

  41. To me it looks like the Kuma will remain the top cruiser for T4

  42. cant help but facepalm when you didnt notice overlead after the two point
    blank salvoes

  43. Moskva!!


  45. This ship is a blast ?

  46. The Svetlana’s engine protection is made of goddamned tissue paper

  47. Dean-Bradley Leunissen

    Do the dimitri donskoi

  48. Baron you and fly should do another video of Shermans versus Tigers but the
    Tigers drive out in a V formation what they did in World War II and the
    Sherman’s try to flank them just an idea keep up the good work!

  49. 8:09 yeh I found the guy that disliked the video

  50. shchors next!

  51. MrJorge .yugigato

    go it Fubuki

  52. Use the Nelson Class Battleship. because its weird model. : )

  53. Does world of warships have the USS Missouri

  54. hey man what about the Ol DERPSKI! but any ship ya choose will be just
    fine. keep up the great vids

  55. Show us glory Hindenburg or DmitriDonskoi!

  56. Play the Zao or die in agony from athousand cuts :)

  57. EnclaveSoldierPlayz

    Guys a little off topic and I need the truth which one is better in war
    thunder British jets, American jets or German jets

  58. baron is better than phly

  59. play the Bogatyr, I just wanna see you trying to pronounce it XD

  60. The Master Chief 2000

    Play the Schnors next Baron

  61. lol baron, I wanted to draw a Torpedo for you but it ended up looking like
    something else. if you know what I mean…

  62. I have a question for WoWs devs: Where da hood at? where da hood where da
    hood where da hood at

  63. im not a fan of WoW but i always watch it for a minute and give you a like

  64. Baron I love u

  65. I hate when peoples comment to their own comment…

  66. The torpedus has returned!

  67. Love your vids baron keep it going!!

  68. next play the USS Tirpitz… oh shiet its not American RIP

  69. play the H8K2 next, it kills the HMS Sunderland very well

  70. play the Tirpitz with phly! pls do it, for the sake of fun!

  71. you are the best Baron do u have any tips for me to get vetter at War

  72. third

  73. Another great video! keep up the great work!

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