Ryujo: Merciless – World of Warships

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Ryujo is powerful than the same level of aircraft carriers.

Ryūjō — Japanese Tier VI aircraft сarrier.
An aircraft carrier built under the restrictions of the Washington Treaty of 1922. Owing to a double-deck hangar, she could carry an impressive air group despite her limited displacement. Her drawbacks were low survivability and the small size of her flight deck, which hampered takeoff and landing for squadrons.


  1. Hallo

  2. The Ryujo is my favorite ship to play so far.

  3. kudos to okhotnik for outplaying la galis and capping their base

  4. Almost 3000 subs for TOPTIER!

  5. He dropping bomb so suck

  6. how do you feel about the hermes, could you try doing a game in it?

  7. valentino WW2 GAMER

    Flat is justice

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