Sa Zhenbing – New Unique Commander for Pan-Asia | World of Warships

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Sa Zhenbing is the newest Unique Commander in World of Warships and is available for Pan-Asia. For the Commander showcase I have used the Yueyang which is the tier 10 Tech Tree Pan-Asian Destroyer.

Price: Commander is available upon completion of the ‘Age of Sa Zhenbing Collection’.

I hope you enjoyed the video, and if did, leave a comment, like or sub. Also, if anyone would like to ask me question about the ship, you can join me on twitch/discord/youtube comments, and if anyone wants to know any of the builds I run for T8, T9 and T10 ships, they are available on discord, link below.

00:00 Introduction
00:54 How to Obtain
02:23 Traits and Personalisations
09:00 Build – Torpedo and Smoke
10:15 Game – Torpedo and Smoke
20:20 Score
22:40 Build – Guns and Radar
24:05 Highlight – Combat Scout – Guns and Radar
14:04 Build
25:57 Summary and Conclusion


  1. torpedo reload booser on sun yat sen holy pog

  2. If you enjoyed the video, do leave a like/comment/sub I would greatly appreciate it!
    Also, here’s the link to the other Unique Commanders Summary Video:

    • Took me a few hours after you realeased the vid, but did it like I said in chat, hehe. Tbh I watch all of your vids ofc, and as per usual it’s a thumb’s up! Keep up the great work and keep posting your awesome content. Big fan ofc <3

  3. The commander is created for Kunming which is going to have 3×5 torps.

  4. Dalian, Jinan, & Sun Yat-Sen are going to get insane if you can get a Combat Scout medal. You are talking about an under 4sec reload without AR on Dalian, under 2sec for Jinan, and sub 20sec reload for Sun Yat-Sen.

    • @ 11:55 POOF! -1min from TRB + and extra charge. This captain is going to be an amazing addition to any of the Pan-Asian ships tbh.

  5. Combat scout is fairly easy to get in Ranked, especially in a CV: this captain looks quite good for the Senzang, for one thing…

  6. the recomented from the game commander build 100%.euqipment- torpedobuild with radar special upgade in slot2,legendary upgrade ,radar consumable.*not the propocion module [u dont have smoke] but the turning module]] .tu malteseKnigt for the presentation.*i recoment my build opinion because i know nobody will run it]].otherwise i had keep quite]].

  7. mechanical engineer

    Radar Yueyang , with legendary mode + full gun boat build is the Smaland for the ones that couldnt have the chance of getting her and for the once that dont play much to get Ragnar with steel!

    • Yeah, guns aren’t quite as good as Smaland. Full gun build + leg mod + fearless (while spotted) makes the guns compreable to gun build gearing. Which is _better_ dont get me wrong, but not Smaland levels of good. Its a budget Smaland. (This is how I run YY because its the most fun)

    • mechanical engineer

      @Adam a Free tech tree ship of course can’t be as good as the småland or the Ragnar! But this ship is let’s say “similar”

    • @mechanical engineer oh for sure! I was dumb and didnt get Smaland when i could, so i built YY to be the budget version and im happy with it. Gearing guns and dpm aren’t _bad_ , just not as good as they were five years ago. This captain is a long time coming and should improve this line quite a bit (and YY in particular).

    • mechanical engineer

      @Adam I have Småland, Ragnar but not Yueyang! If you have spare 1mil free xp get the Groningen! Sometimes I like this ship more than Ragnar or Smaland! With main – AA expert skill dpm is 279.000 plus American smoke + 5 km hydro! You don’t eat torps and you just melt everything! If you love dds get it! I don’t pay for this game! Never! So it’s technically a free ship too the Groningen for 1mill free xp! Keep in mind that at 12.4 update all free xp ships will be removed! Finally if you have enough steel get the Ragnar!

  8. Could you maybe do for the next vid a reshow of the Stalingrad, to see how it holds up in 2023

  9. Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    *Sa Zhenbing Chilling*

  10. Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    Its weird how he doesn’t have Chinese voiceover when that option does exist in the game.

    • If you run “national voiceover”, the non-English speaking nations speak their own language. So, he should have a Chinese voiceover, like Yamamoto speaks Japanese, Sansonetti speaks Italian, etc.

  11. I would love a thought process on Yueyang she was my first T X and I gotta say I must not know how to play it cause I always thought she was a terrible ship that has been so power crept. Though so many tell me she is powerful.

  12. 薩鎮冰! 太好了! *(Sa Zhenbing! Great!) :BIGFAN:

  13. Have you run this with and without torp mod 1 and swift fish? I’m curious if that extra bit of torp speed was effective in your opinion. You have so little time to dodge a deep water torp as it is, it almost seems like you might be better off with something else (though I’m not really sure what…).

    Edit: I skipped ahead and I see that is part of what the second build is about. Guess I should wait for the end of the video to comment more often. 😅

    I guess I should just ask directly since you didn’t address it in specifics. Do you feel like the torp speed from skills and upgrades was impactful, or would it be viable to swap out swift fish for something like demo expert?

  14. With a stealth / torp build it has very good concealment. That, and it’s speed you can sometimes flank the enemy team and get the combat scout achievement easier.

  15. Nice game, MK

  16. And then the next game, you face a carrier with 2 subs and 3 DDs, with mostly radar cruiser with railguns and 2 sniping BBs like shiki, thunderer at 20km GG.

  17. Great video Malta! I would love to see full videos to both YY versions please!

  18. Haven’t played YY in awhile. Zhenbing is a lot of fun though. Definitely prefer him on YY. Getting the extra TRB has been really clutch.

  19. Malta hitting torps.
    Someone has abduckted Malta and is now pretending to be him.

  20. ‘200k dmg in 7 mins ….not too bad’ … pretty damn good imo.

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